4 Ways to Avoid a Costly Renovation on Your Home

Home renovation can at times be a pleasure. It can also sometimes be a significant inconvenience. Remodeling a home doesn’t come cheap, after all. If you want to do whatever you can to keep potentially costly home renovation at bay, these four suggestions can get you on the right track. Why renovate your home unnecessarily?

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Things You Need To Know Before Installing A Hot Water System Unit at Home

Guest post contributed by Shiwei Huang

If you’re planning to install a hot water system unit in your house, that will cost your around $80 an hour. But if the job is simple and easy, the installer may even charge less, as low as $70 an hour. If the installation process turns out to have some complications and obstructions, of course, the price of the service may go up to about $88 an hour.
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Little Pim – Language Learning System for Children

Little Pim sent me a copy of Fun With Languages – the English version of Little Pim’s Eating and Drinking DVD to sample with my children.


Little Pim is a language learning program that is designed for young children ages Birth – 6 yrs. old. It is amazing that children can learn up to 3 languages with ease during this age period!

Each DVD features a friendly Panda, Little Pim who teaches a language using colorful visuals.  I can see how the repetitive teaching style demonstrated makes learning easy in the DVD. Each part introduces new words that incorporate with words previously learned.  All words eventually create simple sentences.

For Example: In the DVD  milk, water, apples, and bananas are introduced. Then, “He is drinking” and “She is drinking” milk or water is added. Part two introduces eat. Then, “He is eating” and “He is eating a banana.” is added. The DVD goes on to include Place Setting, Eating Breakfast, Making, Cutting, Cooking, Pouring, and Stirring.

I reviewed the English version of Eating and Drinking Disc 1. Now that I understand what Little Pim offers, I want the Spanish DVD!  I am convinced that it will teach my children the Spanish language with ease. Little Pim is available in 11 different languages!! In addition to learning a new language, the playful panda will win the hearts of your little ones. They will want to watch the DVDs to see Little Pim. 🙂