Tips for Driveway Renovations That Accommodate Your Garden

Driveways are more than a place for homeowners to park their cars at home. Your driveway should complement the rest of your home, adding to your property’s curb appeal. While you can invest in an extensive remodeling project, this may inadvertently affect your garden in the process. Keep your landscaping intact with the following four tips:

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5 Edging Ideas for Your Asphalt Driveway 

The edges of your asphalt driveway are the first areas to show wear and tear. These edges tend to soften and crumble sooner than the other areas of the pavement. This is because the edges are less compact and are more prone to damage from surrounding vegetation, whether from the roots of the plants and trees nearby or from the runoff water coming from the yard. In these cases, you may opt to put some edging on your driveway to protect the asphalt from natural wear and tear. Not only driveway edges will protect your asphalt, placing borders on your driveway also enhances your home’s curb appeal by highlighting your driveway from your home’s landscape.

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Driveway Safety: What You Can Do To Keep Your Family Safe

Contributed by Jennifer Dawson

Shockingly, most children hit by cars are under five and injured at home in their own driveways, with a parent behind the wheel. Those tragic stories should serve as a wakeup call to the importance of adequate driveway safety for families, but similarly, as you age you may find that your driveway ought to meet the required standards set by the ADA., the Americans with Disabilities Act which was passed in 1990.
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How to Prevent Injuries and Damage to Your Driveway

While slips, falls, and other accidents at home are more likely to happen on staircases or wet bathroom surfaces, your driveway can also pose a danger. Long stretches of pavement make the perfect place for games of roller hockey, basketball, or other outdoor sports, but the presence of motor vehicles near children requires you to take precautions. If you’re concerned about injuries occurring in your driveway, there are a few simple steps you can take to secure your property.

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