Avocado Corn & Bean Dip Recipe – Profreshionals Produce Tools


Avocado Corn & Bean Dip is a delicious, fresh recipe that your family will surely enjoy! The dip is very thick and hearty.  Eat is as a dip or a salad.  If serving as a salad, add crumbled tortilla chips and serve. Either way Avocado Corn & Bean Dip is a yummy appetizer or addition to any meal!


Good Cook provided me with ProFreshionals Tools for this recipe. As a Good Cook Kitchen Expert, I have the opportunity to test out some of the most amazing kitchen tools. Pictured above is the Profreshionals Avocado Slicer. The avocado I purchased was not as ripe as I would have preferred. The avocados I chose were the ripest the store carried on my shopping day. Ideally, you would choose avocado that is ripe but firm. The Avocado Slicer did an outstanding job slicing through my tough avocados as you can see.

I used the Profreshionals Citrus Zester to zest the lime.  Zesting the lime will give your recipe that extra kick! Remember to wash fruit before zesting.  You should only zest the colored skin of your fruit.  If you zest the white part, it will taste bitter!


The Profreshionals Citrus Reamer is a nice addition to my kitchen!  Use it to juice your lime without waste or mess! The Citrus Reamer is a must have – loved it!