Teach Your Child With Playroom PREP Dry Erase Book #Review

Hands-On Learning With PlayRoom PREP Cuts Down Screentime For Children

Let’s face it, too much screen time has become a serious problem among children in today’s culture. Screentime effects children in a lot of negative ways. Mental health, vision and obesity problems are on the rise due to children sitting for hours staring at a TV, Ipad, computer or phone screens. PlayRoom PREP has come up with a fun, colorful dry-erase learning book to help entertain and educate children without a screen.


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I See Me Books Get Personal #Review

I See Me Books Grab Your Child’s Attention

Many children love sitting on mom or dad’s lap to read a book. Keeping a child’s attention for a long period of time seems virtually impossible. I See Me Personalized Children’s Books are full of captivating stories. They allow your child to increase their imagination and education. iseemebook

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Someone Special Books Presents Maya Makes A Friend #Review



About Someone Special Books

Someone Special Uniquely Personalized Books creates personalized picture books for children with special needs. Through kid friendly language we create books for children with special needs/conditions/syndromes such as Autism, Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, ADHD, food allergies, hearing and vision impairments, speech impairments, and physical disabilities.

Someone Special Books is known for personalizing children’s books. However, Maya Makes a Friend is the non-personalized version of “Someone Makes a Friend”. Maya is a typical young girl who meets a boy with a disability. In this whimsical tale, the two unlikely pair become great friends. It is truly a delightful story  of courage and kindness.

Maya Makes a Friend is an easy read that flows with rhyming words. The message is dear to my heart. My youngest daughter has a vision impairment and wears a patch with her glasses. She gets called pirate all of the time. I find the patch hidden all over the house. It disappears quite often. 

Someone Special Books teach good character qualities that have fallen by the wayside these days. In this beautifully illustrated book there are talking points on the back page that allow you to lead a discussion with your children. It teaches them how to show children with disabilities kindness, respect, and acceptance. Overall, this is a delightful story that you and your children will adore!

Children can be born disabled or become disabled from an accident or illness. You can’t “catch” a disability from someone else, and you shouldn’t be scared of someone with a disability. ~ Maya Makes a Friend

This book is recommended for ages 0 – 10 yrs. Want to learn more about personalizing a Someone Special Book? Visit their website and view the collection. They make great gifts!

Vector hands in the form of heart - love and charity concept in flat style

Someone Special Books gives back! Each month they donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity, organization, classroom or family that supports their vision of acceptance, awareness, and kindness!

Images Courtesy of Someone Special Books

Summer with the Moodys Free Kindle Edition Today Only


If you’re looking for a great family friendly book for the kids you’ll want to take advantage of this free offer to download the Kindle book, Summer with the Moodys (Moody Family Series #1). Today is the last day to get it for free! Once you read Summer with the Moodys #1 you can find the other books in the Moody Family Series on Titus2.com! 

Here’s a video from Sarah Maxwell, the author of the series.


The Maxwell family has an extensive line of books written to be an encouragement to families. You can read my review of their book on scheduling, Managers of their Homes.