For Single Dads: How Going Back to School Can Help You Better Provide for Your Children

Contributed by Lizzie Weakley

Being a single dad comes along with broad responsibilities that you could have otherwise shared with your wife if she was around. Sometimes you find yourself struggling to meet these responsibilities. You don’t need to struggle and learn from your mistakes anymore, you can learn from the top strategies that have been prepared by other singles dads. When you take into consideration these strategies, you can be certain to fulfill the dreams you had for your children. Education has been deemed as the best strategy to enable you to achieve your dreams and that of your future generation. Going back to school to further your studies opens up the world to you for opportunities and jobs that are rewarding. With all these benefits, you will have the capability to provide a better future plan for your children. Here is everything that must convince you to go back to school for the sake of a better provision for your children as a single dad.
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Be Prepared and Get Organized: Create a Family Command Center

Guest post contributed by Kaylee

Have you recently finished a remodel in your home? How about some much-needed spring cleaning? With so many spring and summer home improvement projects on most people’s lists, this is the time of year when our homes look their best! As we get caught up in traveling and other summer activities, you may find yourself swinging into the new school year a little less organized than you’d like. While disorganization can make things hard any time of year, it can cause even more chaos as we move into fall.
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Introducing Reebok’s ATV19 – HOT Back-to-School Item!



Introducing the ATV19, Reebok’s latest technology!   This is a HOT kids item for back to school this year.

The 19 lugs on the shoe allow for traction and performance on any surface.  They also provide a unique looking sole that really stands out.  You know as well as I do that kids love to have the coolest shoes!  Well, wait a minute, many adults do too! 😉

You can pick up a pair of  ATV19 online at Reebok starting at $59.99 for kids styles and $89.99 for adults.