Travel Series: 80 Tips for Traveling with Children (Part 1 of 3)

Guest post contributed by Ollie Birk

Are you terrified? Well, you should be…(no, not the dreaded mother in law’s birthday party)…of the thought of your child causing world-crushing rebellion on your flight to your lovely holiday! Which is why in this 3 part blog series I will provide you with some valuable tips on how to keep your flight smooth.

You can wear that ‘S’ on your chest, and let your partner admire while you save the day. You’ll fly like Superman! Now, let’s get the party started!

Disabilities and Special Needs


Wings For All is a well-respected program for any child with special needs or disability where the act of boarding a plane is rehearsed with professional pilots and flight attendants. This program is designed to give the children experience boarding a plane to help unnerve them during the real event. This should help many parents who can’t take their child on a plane. The program is currently based in the US. However, Manchester Airport in the UK currently leads the way for these types of programs.
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