Spring Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pets


As most of you already know, having a pet can be quite messy for your home. Here are some tips to clean your home this spring/summer for pet lovers everywhere.

Go Through Toy Box: A great way to start spring cleaning for your pets is cleaning out their toy box. Throwing out old worn out toys can help keep away smells and give you more room to buy new fresh toys they can play with this summer. Also try cleaning the box itself by giving it a good scrubbing with soap and water because the box can collect dirt and dust itself.

Clean Beds: Cleaning the pets beds is another great way to start your spring cleaning season. Washing the beds helps get rid of smells or fur and dirt that has been collected all winter long. You may not smell it, but trust me, your guests will! Pets will love sleeping in a newly fresh washed fluffy bed.

Find Collars and Leashes: With warm weather here it is best to go through the house and find all your animals’ collars and leashes.  Enjoy taking walks with them to get you both out of the house and in good spirits.

Grooming: Make sure to groom your animals properly. Washing and then brushing them can help make sure no loose fur is flying around your home which helps with allergies. Go ahead and get your long haired pets trimmed. Your pets will thank you for it!

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