Simple Makeup Tips for Spring

It is time to freshen up your makeup look this spring. Here are some tips to try out with this upcoming season.


Think Pink:  Replace the darker colors you were wearing in winter and try using pinks or corals. Remember that some pinks look super bright and unflattering in the package but once applied on your skin they can look very natural and beautiful.  If you want to use the brighter pinks, combine it with a lighter, more natural color and blend  it.

Eyes Bright:  This spring try colorful eye shadow but combine it with your neutral colors. For example, beige, champagne, and light browns. Some examples of bright colors that are poppy orange, fuchsia, and even teal.  Adding a couple swipes of black mascara can soften the look and makes it complete.

If you are feeling really bold, try using shades of blue or even greens but remember to not go too bright or else the look will be too flashy. Remember to tone it down, combine with a natural color. 

Go with Glow:  Use a rosy highlighter to help lighten your cheekbones.  If you do not like the chalky powders in regular blush, then try using creamier formulas that rub into your skin. It may seem a little pricy but in the end the result are fabulous and you’ll look amazing.

2 thoughts on “Simple Makeup Tips for Spring

  1. Cute post! I’m still trying to figure out this makeup thing for myself. I first need to make time for it every morning because I do want a fresh look. Thanks for sharing!

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