Safe Driving Defenses New Motorcycle Riders Should Know

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Riding a motorcycle is very different from driving a car or truck. You need to learn a completely new way to do everything when on the road. This also means learning different defensive driving techniques. On the back of a bike, you have a lot to consider, so here are some of the top safe driving defenses every new motorcycle rider should know.

Stay far From Other Vehicles and Troublesome Drivers

You need to be extra vigilant and cautious when riding your motorcycle near other vehicles. Most motorcycle accidents are caused by people riding too close to cars or trucks. Keep a good distance from other vehicles, and stay farther away than you would in a car. Additionally, if you see an erratic or troublesome driver, try to avoid that car at all costs and do not attempt to pass it.

Shield Yourself with Other Cars at Intersections

You are incredibly vulnerable on your motorcycle when passing through intersections. A defensive maneuver that will help, is to shield yourself from other cars at intersections. Try to cross at the same time as a car next to you. This will give you some protection if another driver speeds into the intersection and plows into the cars there

Almost Always Yield To Other Vehicles

Many new motorcycle riders do not realize that their bike is structurally far weaker than most automobiles. This is why you want to defensively yield to other vehicles almost every time. Let other vehicles go first, pass, or drive ahead unless you have a clear right of way. This will help to prevent accidents where you could be seriously injured.

Always Have an Action Plan

You must be constantly forming action plans in case of an emergency every second you are on your bike. This means always looking up to see where you can turn your bike, what obstacles are nearby, and how to escape a dangerous situation. Never stop forming action plans, even on mostly empty roads. Be sure you wear the correct protective gear as well. According to Scherline and Associates personal injury law firm, in an accident, those not wearing full protective gear can sustain even more life-threatening injuries than those who do.

Practice Emergency Braking

Practice proper emergency braking regularly. Most riders don’t bother to practice it more than once, but you should always be prepared. Emergency braking involves closing the throttle, hitting the rear brake, straightening the motorcycle, and then hitting the front brake. You finally declutch. Practice this maneuver repeatedly until you can do it instinctually in an emergency.

Defensive riding is critical if you want to stay safe when on a motorcycle. You need to be hyper-aware and patient in order to prevent accidents and injuries. These defensive steps will allow you to avoid many of the most common motorcycle accidents that occur today.


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