Pumpkin Carving Tips

Good Cook provided This Lady Blogs a free sample of Sweet Creations for review purposes.

When choosing a pumpkin, I’ve learned that a smooth, even surface is easier to carve.  My kids think the bumpier and more wrinkled – the better!  Although the bumpier and wrinkled pumpkins are beautiful, they are harder to work with.  Leave those whole to enjoy!

Once you have selected the perfect pumpkin, take it home and soak in one teaspoon of bleach to one gallon of water.  This will remove any bacteria, clean and hydrate your pumpkin.

Sweet Creations


After selecting a pumpkin, you’ll need a good set of carving tools.  We used Sweet Creations by Good Cook to carve our pumpkins this year.  This particular kit has 5 specialty tools plus 10 stencil templates to help you create a masterpiece.  Having the right tools makes the job a whole lot easier!

If you are the artsy type, use a dry erase marker and draw your own design/face on the pumpkin!

Here is a clever video tutorial that was useful to me. 🙂


After you have carved your pumpkin, spray the outside with aerosol hair spray to preserve your cuts and keep them from wilting so quickly.  Also, be sure to keep a spray bottle filled with water close by.  Each day, give the inside of the pumpkin a little squirt of water.  This will help to keep the pumpkin hydrated and prevent it from molding.  You will want to preserve your carved creation as long as possible!



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