Preparing While Pregnant: 5 Ideas To Start Nesting

For many mothers, nesting is a way to make sure the house is clean and organized for the arrival of a new baby. Some mothers will go through the baby’s clothes to ensure that they have everything needed while others might spend time deep cleaning the home to remove as much dirt as possible before bringing the baby home. Aside from cleaning, there are a few other ideas to consider when you begin nesting. 


The carpets in your home can easily trap allergens and dirt. Before you bring your baby home, deep clean your carpets using solutions that are hypoallergenic. You can usually rent a carpet cleaner from a grocery store and some retail stores so that the floor looks like it’s new again. 

Unwanted Pests 

Babies spend a lot of time on the floor and in their beds. You don’t want them to be around rodent feces or to get mysterious spider bites. You probably don’t want this for yourself before the baby comes either. Try to block the entry points so that pests don’t have a way to get inside your home. Set traps around your home to capture pests before they have a chance to invade your house. If you see pests in your home, such as ants or spiders, then you should consider contacting a pest control professional like American Pest Control Inc to get rid of the problem right away. You may want to consider visiting family or going on a date while they do their job so you are not in the house.

Tobacco Smells 

Whether someone who lives in the home smokes or visitors smoke in your home, there’s often a lingering odor of tobacco in the rooms of your house. If you look carefully, you can sometimes see a yellow or brown film on the walls and furniture. Avoid using bleach to clean this film because it can impact your health. However, a little soap and water can clean the tobacco away that clings to the inside of your home. When you clean, you’ll notice that the smell of tobacco goes away as well. 

Put Furniture Together 

From the crib to the changing table, part of nesting includes putting together the furniture that your baby will need. Make sure these items are put together a few weeks before your due date so that you can relax until your baby is born. When the furniture is put together ahead of time, you’ll be able to determine what you might need or if there are any issues with the items that you have. 


You likely won’t feel like cooking much when you get home from delivering your baby. Prepare meals ahead of time that can be kept in your freezer. The only thing that you’ll have to do is heat them in the oven for a quick meal that you can enjoy while your baby is sleeping. 

Nesting is often a part of being pregnant. It’s usually a time when you want to clean and ensure that everything is ready for your baby and sometimes a point when mothers know that they are ready to deliver. Enjoy this special time while getting your home in order so that you can spend as many moments as possible with your new addition.

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