How to Prepare for a Long Road Trip

If you are hungry for an adventure and your job allows it, you should really consider going on a long road trip. Regardless of the preferred mode of transportation, there are some important things you’ll need to take care of before you go. There are plenty of experiences shared online by other world travelers and all of them have something in common – proper preparation. Continue reading and you’ll find out what needs to be done if you want to get well prepared for a long road trip.

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Do Some Basic Research 

If somebody told you that long trips must be expensive, don’t believe them. The whole continent of Asia is very affordable if you don’t count Singapore and Japan. Europe is a choice too since there are a lot of cheap flights and the whole of Balkan is affordable and exciting. While researching your destination, you should keep in mind the three biggest expenses you will need to take care of: food, accommodation, and transport.


Think About Health, Insurance, and Money

You don’t want to bring a lot of cash with you and that’s the reason why you should consider applying for one of the available bank accounts that will save you from the high international ATM fees. Everything charged by ATM’s will be refunded monthly. Think about your health during the trip and start preparing in a timely manner. Try to cut the caffeine and start exercising on daily basis. Keep in mind that you’ll need to carry a heavy bag all the time and your physical condition should be improved before the trip. Don’t forget about your family and friends, so make sure to keep in touch.


Minimize All Expenses

Your decision to go for a long trip will get very expensive. If your budget is tight (as everybody else’s), you should go ahead and start selling things you don’t need. You won’t need much if your trip will last for at least a year. Sell the valuables you do not really need. All that extra money will come in handy when you find yourself in one of the distant countries. Everything else can be donated to charity or given to your loved ones. Once you’re on the road, you shouldn’t have any bills to pay. Unsubscribe from all services such as Netflix, Amazon, Pandora etc. Talk with your internet and electricity providers and make sure they freeze your accounts. 


Do Detailed Planning

It is never fun to travel with aches and pains, especially if you are not going alone and are expected to spend quality time with your family. Make sure to pack enough medication that can be helpful on the road. Research your destinations and make sure there aren’t ongoing wars, riots, or natural disasters there. Contact a few other world travelers to get information and a piece of advice.


Don’t Take Too Much Stuff With You

There’s a great saying from the Fight Club: The things you own, own you. Try to avoid this by packing light. You don’t need anything but just a few essential items. Bring quality rain gear with you since you’ll probably get in some windy and rainy days during the trip. While hitchhiking, it will get dark and it’s good to have a headlamp to light your way. Bringing along a stainless water bottle with water filter will keep you hydrated and healthy all the time. In the end, you should pack one quick-drying towel which will be enough to dry the whole body when needed. You may as well bring a sarong which can transform into a dress, blanket, skirt or a mop. You will need all of this and more, especially if you live or are planning to visit New Zealand. It is also advisable to leave your valuables in the best supercheap self storage New Zealand has to offer. 



Make sure to go over all tips mentioned above and they’ll definitely help with the preparation process. Going on a long road trip isn’t as easy as you might think, but it will be a life-changing experience. You will be a totally different person when you come back, and there’s a great possibility you’ll be a better one as well. So, if you already decided to get into this adventure, don’t hesitate and start planning.

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