Pinning Insects – Homeschool Project

pinned insects

Have you ever pinned a bug? 🙂 I admit it – I was not looking forward to our upcoming insect study.

We attend a co-op class on Fridays. There, we meet with other homeschoolers for a science class. Initially we were told to catch bugs and kill them. Well, we couldn’t go through with that plan! 😉 It wasn’t like smashing one with your shoe or the fly swatter. No, we needed them intact to study. 🙂

Luckily a friend of mine found some insects that were already dead and saved them for me. (True Friend!) Other brave souls caught them and placed them in a jar with an alcohol saturated cotton ball. Some even froze their bugs to kill them. If you choose the freezer method – beware! They may just wake up after thawing out. 😉

The kids identified the insects, studied them, named them, and then we pinned them.  One super nice lady even had extra insects and gave one to my son. My only advice to you is make sure your insects are dead before you pin them! Once we got home my son realized the bee that the super nice lady had given to him was still alive! Yes, pinned and alive! The only thing I could think of was to put the container of insects into the freezer!

After a couple of hours we peaked inside the box and didn’t notice any further movement. Whew! Let’s just say it is a study we will never forget! 😉

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