Personal Safety Tips to Remember During a Pandemic

The best way to keep yourself safe during a pandemic is to practice high levels of personal hygiene, whether you’re stuck at home or trying to safely resume some family outdoor activities. The effects of Covid-19 and the safety protocols released by the WHO indicate that personal hygiene can keep you safe. Viruses are widespread and highly contagious, therefore keeping to yourself and a close circle will limit your risk of infection. Here are some personal safety tips to remember and adhere to during a pandemic.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Your hands are the most likely part of your body that will directly contact any contaminants. This is why it is advisable that your wash regularly. Your hands come into constant contact with surfaces that are possibly contaminated. Even if surfaces look clean, there is no guarantee that they are free of contaminants. So, wash your hands regularly under running water with soap and scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds. Make sure you also wash under your fingernails and fingers. Also, have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer on hand to use regularly if you cannot get access to clean running water.

Constantly Disinfect Surfaces

Keep surfaces clean by frequently disinfecting them with alcohol-based disinfectants. Surfaces such as phone keypads, desktops, counters, TV remotes, door handles, and computer keyboards must often be disinfected. However, remember to be careful when cleaning electronic gadgets so as not to damage them.

Limit Contact with Others

Contaminants move from one person to the next through contact. Limiting contact with other people will significantly decrease your chances of getting infected. Do not shake hands or hug people who are not in your bubble. When you return from town, be sure to take a bath or adequately clean and disinfect yourself before touching any other member of your household.

Don’t Touch Your Face

This isn’t easy to do, but you must not touch your face. It is a reflex action that we perform without even noticing, but you must begin to reduce touching your face consciously. Contaminants on your hands are directly transferred to your face, and with the multiple openings on your face, these contaminants may quickly get into your system. For those that work in industries that handle highly toxic materials such as asbestos, there are several hardworking mesothelioma attorneys that you may seek legal advice on if you have any lingering questions.

Wear Gloves In Public

As mentioned earlier, limit contact with people and surfaces when you are in public. For extra security, consider wearing gloves when you are in public. Any lycra, wool, or cotton gloves may suffice; however, you should also learn how to remove, dispose of, or clean them properly. For the best protection for your hands, use medical-grade disposable gloves, especially when you have to clean or hold on to high-touch surfaces. 


It pays to practice good personal hygiene during a pandemic, and following these safety tips will enable you to limit your risk of infection. Remember to mask up and wash your hands regularly.

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