Parent of a Natural-Born Brawler? 5 Benefits of Non-Contact Boxing for Kids

All sports and physical activities have a certain inherent value for kids, but different kids are drawn to different sports for a reason. Some kids enjoy the camaraderie of team sports, or the rough-and-tumble physicality of sports like football or hockey. Others, though, enjoy the solitude of sports like golf, tennis or cross-country running. Needless to say, contact sports can sometimes be dangerous, so there are a rising number of non-contact options for both kids and adults alike. Kids still need the same safety equipment for non-contact boxing as for contact boxing, such as helmets and mouth guards, but overall, non-contact boxing is a safe and beneficial sport for kids. Here are five benefits to non-contact boxing for kids. 

Health Benefits

In a world where it can be hard to part kids from their electronics, any type of sport or athletic activity is going to be valuable. Non-contact boxing may be particularly valuable, because with gloves on they can’t even hold their electronics in the first place. It is also very physically demanding, ensuring your child will get a great workout every time they box.

Outlet for Stress and Anger

When children feel ill-equipped to navigate through certain life issues, they can become angry, sullen, and withdrawn. Non-contact boxing may not solve their problems, but it can be a healthy form of stress management and a great way to work through any anger they may be experiencing while they search for answers. While getting out their negative energy through boxing, your child will also release feel-good endorphins in their brain.

Social Opportunities

While many sports and activities are inherently solo endeavors, that doesn’t mean they practice or train all by themselves. Non-contact boxing will generally bring kids into contact with other kids just like themselves, as well as coaches and trainers that understand them. Developing solid friendships will help your kid navigate through the stormy seas of childhood.


Mastery of almost anything tends to breed self-confidence. Non-contact boxing can help kids learn to master their own emotions and themselves, which in turn creates more confidence in themselves and their abilities. Such self-worth will carry them through the challenges they will face in the future.


Just because kids aren’t fighting against an actual opponent in a ring doesn’t mean non-contact boxing can’t prepare them to defend themselves. In fact, kids that feel confident in their ability to defend themselves may be less likely to be pushed into a situation in which they feel compelled to prove it. The confidence that non-contact boxing builds may actually make them less prone to fighting rather than more. They will also be more prepared if they are faced with a physical threat.

Boxing in and of itself is not what provides the most benefit, but boxing training. This is what non-contact boxing is. It is the training of boxing without the damage of contact. The training alone can provide a number of benefits to your child, whether they are a natural-born brawler or not. In fact, it can also bring more timid children out of their shell and instill more confidence in them. While non-contact boxing is far safer than regular boxing, it is not completely risk-free. Make sure your child wears all appropriate safety gear. If they sustain any injuries, get them to an emergency room or emergency dentist as soon as possible.

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