Outdream Yourself: How to Inspire Greatness Within

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In today’s hustle-focused world, it’s not unusual for people to feel burnt out and uninspired. However, you don’t have to succumb to those feelings! Whether you need some inspiration, you want to feel motivated, or you’re looking to perk up your mood, there are a ton of ways to inspire greatness within yourself.

But what does it mean to feel inspired, and how do you figure out what actually inspires you in ways that boost your energy and creativity? You’re not the only one wondering. The truth is different things work for different people. Today, let’s talk a little bit about the best ways to motivate yourself from within.

Don’t Give Up

Many people hit a roadblock on their road to motivation and inspiration and just give up. They think it’s not the right time or that they’re just not talented or good enough to succeed. But you have to remember that these feelings are temporary. They’re brought about by your low mood, and you can banish them under the right conditions. Just keep trying to pull yourself out of the doldrums until you realize that anything is possible. Sometimes, all it takes to get inspired is to push through whatever you’re feeling to reach the other side.

Find Acceptance

Not everything has to come from within. You can look at external factors as a source of inspiration to help you achieve new heights. Whether it’s a celebrity, a parent, or some material purchase that helps you realize your success, it’s OK to let something else guide you to greater heights. Some people strive to emulate their favorite actor, while for others, putting on a piece of luxury swimwear is enough to break them out of a cycle of negativity.

Take a Break

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Even though the world may be telling you that relaxing is unproductive and you’re wasting your talent, taking a break is an essential part of success. Slowing down for a moment helps you refocus, allows you to dig into your own mental processes, and reorients your inner thought cycle to accommodate new needs. Your inner shifting landscape requires you to stop and rethink how you operate on a regular basis, and that’s OK.

Be Spontaneous

If you’re a person who is constantly planning their next move, sometimes being spontaneous could be the answer to your mental block. Try that crazy idea that came to you in a dream, take a quick weekend road trip to experience something new, or talk to a friend you haven’t seen in a long time! All of these spontaneous actions could inspire and motivate you in new ways and help you see things in a different light.

Read a Book

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This is similar to looking at others for inspiration and motivation. If you’ve run out of energy or ideas, reading something could refresh your mentality and provide a new perspective. Reading also provides a brief respite from the world, helping you take a mental break while keeping your brain moving in the right direction. You could read something familiar to give yourself a break or opt for something completely new to get unique variations from your go-to favorites.

Team Up

You might have already noticed that you act a little differently around people. Use this shift in personality to challenge and motivate yourself to come up with new ideas. Team up with other people to create and put your group identity to work while seeking a new source of inspiration. Together, you might refine ideas you haven’t felt were ready, come up with new ideas, or complete a project you couldn’t bring yourself to do alone.

Working with others keeps you accountable and encourages you to do your best because somebody else is watching. This is especially true if you choose to work with someone you admire, as you want to show them the best of who you are.

Be Lazy

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Are you a person that feels guilty when you take a moment for yourself? It’s time to break that bad habit and allow yourself to be lazy. It’s actually not laziness that requires you to take a break! You need time to wind down and stop thinking to do better in the future. If that means sitting on the couch in your sweats for a day of binge-watching television — go for it!

Break Down Your Goals

Looking at the big picture can be daunting. How can you achieve this monumental task ahead of you? The key is to break down the big goal into many little pieces that are a lot more manageable. You’re less likely to get burnt out or lose motivation when you can celebrate frequent successes, even if they’re a little smaller.

While some of these tips might work for you, others won’t. Let yourself experiment with all of these ideas to discover the ones that deliver.

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