OTHER Uses for Mason Jars

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Many people associate canning with mason jars, which they are great for. However, did you know that mason jars can be used for an array of other things as well?

Here are some other uses for mason jars

Candy jars – Next time you have a candy bar at a birthday party or other occasion, use mason jars to store the candy. The jars as clear so everyone can see the type of candy inside and the lids will keep the candy not only fresh but will prevent spills as well.

Salt and pepper shakers – For salt and pepper shakes, it is best to use the smaller sized jars. All you need are two small jars, a small nail and a hammer. Use the nail and hammer to make holes in each of the lids. You want to make six holes for the salt and three for the pepper. Then, just add the salt and pepper. No need to label anything since mason jars are clear.

Cupcake liner storage – If you bake a lot, you probably have a variety of cupcake liners in your kitchen. Now you can keep them in one place and organized. Just put the liners into mason jars for storage. You can even leave them on the counter since they are cute and colorful.

Crayon storage – If you have kids, you probably have crayons lying around your house right? Well, mason jars make the perfect storage container for all those crayons.

Piggy banks – Saving those coins for a rainy day? Why not put them in mason jars and when they are full, trade the coins in for cash.

Candles – What a simple concept, but a beautiful one! Placing a candle down inside a wide mouth mason jar is chic and elegant!


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