Making Easter Memorable: 4 Exciting Ideas for Parents of Young Children

Kids love Christmas and Halloween, but Easter sometimes slips under their radar. To help boost your kids’ excitement for this springtime holiday, try adding some new activities to your festivities this year. Ahead, find four ideas that will help your family gear up for Easter fun.

Invite Friends to an Easter Brunch

Spring is the perfect time to host a backyard brunch with all of your children’s little friends. For young guests, it’s a good idea to invite the parents to stay, too. Kids will have fun playing and eating, and parents will enjoy the opportunity to socialize with one another.

The Saturday before Easter can be a great time to host your gathering. Serve cupcakes, juice and kid-friendly finger foods. At the end of the party, hold a small egg hunt.

Surprise Neighbors with Treats

Wouldn’t it be fun to sneak over to the neighbors’ house and leave Easter gifts in their front yard? Kids will love the “secret mission” aspect of this activity.

First, fill plastic eggs with an assortment of treats, such as small candies or stickers. Scatter these throughout the neighbors’ yard. Leave a sign on the front door that says, “You’ve been egged!” Ring the doorbell, and then run away as fast as you can. If possible, watch from a distance as your neighbors discover the surprise.

Create Unforgettable Eggs

If you’re tired of your Easter eggs looking the same year after year, it’s time to try a new approach. Instead of using dyes, prepare a batch of liquid watercolors with which to color your eggs. Set a boiled egg in a small dish. Then, allow your child to drip splashes of watercolor onto the egg with an eyedropper.

Another approach that young kids will like requires that you decorate the cooked eggs while they’re still warm. Use a crayon to color on the eggshell, and the heat will create a melty look.

Jazz up the Easter Basket

Traditionally, children’s Easter baskets have been jam-packed with sugary treats, like jelly beans and marshmallow chicks. Chocolate bunnies may contain about 100 grams of the sweet stuff. That much sugar is not good for little bellies or little teeth.

Instead of overloading baskets with candy, fill them with fun toys. Consider sidewalk chalk, Play Toyz action figures, jump ropes, or puzzles.

These creative ideas will help you and your kids have a memorable Easter. In fact, they’ll probably be recounting their Easter memories for years to come!

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