Make Way! How to Prepare Your Teen (And the World) for Their First-Time Driving

Your teenager’s first day out on the open road can be an anxious experience for them, but if they’re properly prepared ahead of time, they’ll be able to drive with more confidence and enjoyment. Below, you will find four ways to prepare your teen (and the world) for their first time driving alone.

Obey Speed Limits

It’s quite common for drivers to travel over the speed limit. This is often done by experienced drivers who have confidence in their abilities and who are familiar with the area. These drivers often realize that if they see someone driving at or under the speed limit, it’s someone who’s unfamiliar with the area or someone who is still learning how to drive, so they are more willing to practice patience.

Allow Others to Pass

Being passed by other cars on the road is something that your teenage driver will have to deal with almost on a daily basis. It’s important to teach your teenager that it’s safer for everyone on the road if they allow these rushed and aggressive drivers to pass them rather than trying to prevent them from doing so. Allowing others to pass them while out on the road will make the passing driver content, will make the surrounding drivers less anxious, and will spare your teenager from a possible collision.

Prepare for the Worst

Driving is both exciting and dangerous. The dangers present on the road are not always due to your teenager’s own inexperience but the carelessness and recklessness of other drivers who are overly confident in their own skills. To help prepare your teenager for a possible collision with another driver, take them to speak with a car accident attorney. The attorney can answer any questions your teenager may have, can offer suggestions on how to handle a situation involving a car accident, and can give them tips for dealing with the responding police officers and insurance adjusters.

Don’t Text and Drive

Unless your windows are completely tinted, you can be seen texting or talking on your phone while driving. This can make other drivers very nervous or even angry around you because you’re purposely putting their lives at risk by not paying attention. Whether you’re moving or at a red light, using your phone can be both dangerous and illegal. Be sure your teen understands the risk of getting a ticket but also understands the other more serious consequences that can come from driving distracted.

When it comes to ultimately preparing your teenager for their first drive, the main thing they need is confidence. Confidence can be built by learning correct driving habits and by encouragement from parents or other authority figures.

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