Looking To Upgrade? 3 Cars That Scream Style And Sophistication

Guest post contributed by Emma Sturgis

Many people look for hot new rides in the New Year. While new model cars release usually in November and December, it isn’t until January that a good selection of new models and trims becomes available. If you are looking to upgrade your car in 2017, here are three models that stand out for their style and sophistication for the modern driver.

The Prius Prime

The original models of Prius were seen as more blobs on wheels than stylish rides. Toyota has taken the hint in recent years and has been up-scaling the design of the Prius family while still giving drivers all of the efficiency the Prius hallmarks. Radical new front and back designs have caught the attention of drivers on the regular Prius models.

The Prius Prime has taken a different approach to both the front and back architecture. On one hand, this helps the unique model stand out from the rest of the Prius family since it is the only plug-in variant. The design also happens to be a smoother, more stylish and much more modern and sophisticated look. This is true not just of other Prius, but of cars in general.

The Prime screams modern sophistication in almost every respect, and it looks like a car a sophisticated techy in Silicon Valley would drive. The suite of all LED front headlights help its forward face stand out from other cars. The real gem is in the back. In what is a first for cars, the Prime has a sweeping curve on its back window that is carried through the break light bar, giving it an extremely advanced and unique appearance in the rear.

The Audi A3

Audi has a strong history of providing sophisticated and stylish car designs at a relatively affordable price. The A3, like the ones found at Audi Brooklyn, stands out as one of the most stylish cars of 2017. While it isn’t as unique as the Prime, it presents drivers with a more conservative and refined sense of style. This smoothness is blended masterfully with several well-chosen sharp creases that provide the front and sides with a distinct personality. This marriage of smooth and sharp makes it easy on the eyes while still managing to stand out from other sedans on the road.

The Tesla Model S

Teslas are fully electric cars, so you’ll need to be sure that you have somewhere to charge them when you park while you’re out. One of the easiest ways to do this is to apply for a workplace EV charging grant if you own your own business. You might even be able to get one if you work from home, but you’d have to check. 

Those looking for an upgraded ride in almost every sense need look no further than the attention grabbing Tesla. The Model S is the sedan version of the pioneering all-electric car. In an age where most electric cars are tiny boxes or blobs with wheels, the Model S provides drivers with all the styles they need.

In every way, the Model S doesn’t look like an electric car. Like the award-winning A3, the Model S has blended smoothness with well-placed sharp lines and angles. The Model S screams elite in a particular way that is difficult to define in words. The front end is distinct, lower, and smoother than on most other cars. The lack of a forward grill, or need for one, helps the design stand out from gas-powered sedans. The curved and slight lip in the rear, also make for an attractive and unique back.

A Tesla stands out not just in appearance but also in the statement it makes. It is one of the most advanced and capable electric cars currently made. The very fact of owning one speaks of the driver’s sophistication and attention to new technology. If one can afford the $70,000+ price tag, it is a worthy investment in every sense.

There are many factors that go into a new car purchase: the price, the MPG, and the handling. The appearance of the car certainly isn’t something to overlook. Car makers have taken important steps in the right direction in 2017, delivering vehicles that are advanced, powerful, stylish and unique. The three cars here are only a small portion of the options, but they represent where the best car designs are headed, and drivers can certainly look forward to an attractive and modern future in cars.

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