Live #LikeAGirl with Confidence with the Help of Always #EndPeriodPoverty

This is a sponsored post for Always.

Being a teenager can have its challenges. Trust me, I’ve got two! Plus, one 12-year-old who is well on her way. When our kids are officially taller than we are, it reminds us of how fast time flies and how fast they are growing up.

As you know, during adolescence there are many changes happening. For girls, when you compound all of that with puberty, it can lead to a serious lack of confidence. When girls do not have access to period protection products and have to miss school or other activities, it only makes this drop in confidence worse.

Having to miss out can affect teen girls in multiple ways. They may become depressed and/or feel isolated.

But wait, there is HOPE.

The Always Live #LikeAGirl campaign, supported by Always and Walmart, is all about helping girls stay confident. Their mission is to encourage girls to play sports, be active, and never give up no matter how challenging the circumstances may be.


To help #EndPeriodPoverty, Always and Walmart are donating a year’s supply of period products to 50 teams in 50 states. In addition, for every purchase of a 3-pack box of Always Pads, Always will donate a pack to girls in need across the US. This donation will only be triggered via purchases from ​ ​during the month of January.

I did it!

I just had to try this out for myself and the process is super simple! I purchased a 3-pack box of Always, Ultra Thin, Size 1, Regular Pads with Wings and received 2-day FREE shipping from Besides feeling great because my purchase helped a girl in need, it was nice to order from the comfort of my home and have it delivered so quickly.

Want to help? Here’s how:

Go to ​ to purchase a 3-pack box of Always Pads. Somewhere in the U.S., a girl will say, “THANK YOU!”

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  1. I love that Always is doing this. I am raising a confident daughter. She’ll be needing Always any day now, I’m sure.

  2. That sounds like a great campaign. Good for always for thinking outside of the box and for helping others.

  3. Having a 15 year old daughter this is so important to me. I know I personally take for granted that we can just go to the store and get what we need.

  4. This is so awesome, I had no idea they had this in place. I don’t have any daughters but i will pass this info on. When I make my donation I will make sure to purchase from ​

  5. That’s true that teenagers need to face many challenges while growing up. Period can be a tough time so I love this action. I’ll share this info with my friends for sure! 🙂

  6. Great post. I didn’t have any idea that we have girls missing school because of their. Will support this campaign and I’m sharing your post with my friends to raise awareness. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This is wonderful. A lot of girls in Indian villages are devoid of these. A lot of NGOs are working on the same but any kind of help is always great to have.

  8. What a great idea, I love the way that Dove and Always are re-engineering the way they think about themselves compared to what they see in the magazines and social media.

  9. This is a great campaign but I think we should focus so much more on countries where these sanitary products are not accessible at all and where girls are still sent away from home for the days their have their period.

  10. I love all of these campaigns and organizations that are empowering women, especially at such a young age. So much about “being a woman” is so *hush hush* and “shouldn’t be talked about”. I’m so glad to see these changes happening for our young girls!

  11. This is such a very awesome campaign. I love that it is something that we need and that it helps someone else along the way.

  12. I didn’t really know period poverty was a thing until recently. My daughters school did a whole fundraiser to supply machines in the girls toilets and dispense sanitary products for free to all girls

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