Let ECOCAMEL “Shower” You with Goodness #Review

Softwater Technology in a shower head!

“ECOCAMEL – A Shower Revolution”

There are some things I stress over.  Some things I must have.  Some things I put much thought and attention to.  I’ll admit, my shower head hasn’t been one of them… until now!  We recently installed the Orbit shower head from ECOCAMEL and WOW!  We’ve had an el cheapo head in the kid’s bathroom for ages. Now they think they’ve died and gone to Heaven.

 About Ecocamel Orbit

The stylish new Orbit SoftWater shower head can quickly and easily be fitted to provide softer water for showering wherever you are. No filters required. The new Ecocamel SoftWater Technology means it’s the world’s first shower head with an integral water softener that is perfect for eliminating limescale from your home. Boost power and save water with AirCore Technology. It creates better, more powerful showers, while using less water leaving you more eco-friendly and energy efficient.

Installation was a snap.  My hubby literally unscrewed one shower head and screwed the Orbit right in.  It took less than five minutes to revolutionize the shower!

We have extremely hard water.  We’ve only been using this new Softwater Technology a few days and I can already tell a difference in my daughter’s waist length hair!  It’s so much softer and not nearly as dry.  Such a welcome change for a little diva!  I’m anxious to see if this shower head will improve the discoloration and film that comes along with hard water.  I have very high hopes after seeing the differences it’s already making!

What makes this shower head so unique?  I’m glad you asked!  🙂  It’s a little thing the folks at ECOCAMEL call Aircore Technology.  Air is drawn in the head thru the air intakes on the side of the shower head.  The air then mixes with the water and increases the water pressure as it comes out.  This is a win-win-win as it saves water, energy, and (if you have city water) money!

Head on over here to order yours today!

Our readers will receive a $10 discount when applying coupon code: thislady at checkout.

They offer FREE shipping on ALL orders AND a 60 day better shower GUARANTEE!

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  1. I have not heard of ECOCAMEL brand before this. It certainly looks like a wonderful shower head and I will remember this when I will need to purchase a new one.

  2. interesting! ihad not heard of this before. i like that it is better for your home [less limescale!], your body [softer water] and more eco-friendly too!

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