Learn The Different Types Of Back Neck Blouse Designs In Trend

Guest post contributed by Nirdesh Singh

 Just as the front neck design, the back-neck design of your saree blouse is equally important. It plays a significant role in enhancing or diminishing the overall look of your blouse as well as the saree.

There are different types of back neck designs introduced in the blouse today. Not every design can fit a particular person. There are some specific designs that can hide your imperfections and give you a glamorous look. All you need is to know about these different types of blouse designs and figure out which one will be perfect for your look.

Puff hand stitched blouse with tricolour pallu

This is a unique design of the blouse with horizontal threads present at the back side of it. In this design, your blouse can be in any color. Choosing the thread work in pink or yellow color will look best on any saree. Wearing this remarkable design will give a fabulous and charming touch to a woman.

White colored blouse with golden stitching at the back

If you are looking for a neck design for a grand traditional function, then this is one of the most suitable blouse neck designs. In this design, you will see exclusive golden work on the back and sleeves of a white colored blouse.

This type of blouse does not expose your skin to a significant extent. Thread work is done using golden and yellow threads to form a lovely flowery image at the back. Red color piping completes the overall look of the blouse.

Round back design in white and pink blouse

Every woman loves the pink color. If you have a pink colored blouse material then get it stitched in this design. Here the pink color will serve as a base color for the blouse. This material is cut to create an enticing design at the back.

A border of white and pink beads on the sleeves and back makes it look rich and elegant. Two strings when taken from both the ends of the shoulder and tied it together. A knot is formed in the mid region and imparts an extremely adorable appearance to the wearer.

White colored blouse with net design

Whether you’re looking for casual sarees or something more in the collection of designer blouses, this style is very versatile. The combination of white and black looks classy at any occasion. It is perfect for official settings or any formal occasion. The White color of the blouse makes one look sober and decent.

The interesting network in black color at the middle portion of the back side of the blouse makes it fantastic. Looking at this design will definitely surprise people. They would surely love them to try for themselves.

Though the front design of the blouse remains covered, it is the back design that is visible to everyone. This makes it important to consider the back neck designs of your blouse. Choosing the right design of your blouse can accentuate the look of your saree to manifolds and bring you loads of appreciation.

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