Kid-Friendly Lunch Recipes


The kids will be out of school before you know it.  Then, they will be asking what’s for lunch and what’s for dinner!  I’ve found a quick and easy way to add more lunch recipes to your life – eMeals.  This inexpensive service provides a kid-friendly lunch plan each week via pdf straight to my inbox.  It includes recipes and a shopping list ready for me to print and prepare!  eMeals will even throw in an added bonus: a pack-able dessert recipe.

Why wait for summer?  They are probably tired of PB&J by now. 😉  All of the lunch recipes are school lunch friendly too.  Get eMeals and relax.  You’ll never have to worry about “what’s for lunch?” again!

Enjoy eMeals’ Five Kid-Approved Snack Ideas.  For the price of a medium mocha or latte, you can get a month of menu plans from eMeals!  

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