Key Color Choosing Tips For Your First House Painting

Choosing the right paint color for your first home can be a tedious task. There are hundreds of colors available, and it may be a headache to choose which shade is perfect for your interior and exteriors. On top of that, you have to establish a good color scheme, patterns, and rules. Also, there is a psychological meaning related to each color which you may want to consider.

Tips For Choosing The Right Paint Color For Your Home

Choosing one color is tricky, and selecting colors for your entire home can be frustrating. So, how can you know all colors you choose will go together? Read further to know how you can choose the right color for your first house painting.

1.     Select A Color Scheme From A Big Pattern

One good way to select a color scheme is choosing colors from the biggest visible pattern in your space. For instance, if you possess a colorful rug, patterned upholstery, or a huge fragment of artwork, then choose colors from that pattern. If you aim for a neutral wall paint color, check out patterns of beiges and whites.

2.     Decorate Dark to Light Colors in a Vertical Manner

A good strategy in making any space look beautiful with less risk is using darker tones for the floor, lighter or medium shade for the walls, and very light color for the ceiling.

According to designer Mark McCauley, the house’s interior space reflects the outside world. For instance, the environment is typically darker beyond our feet (earth), medium-toned as we look straight through (trees/surroundings), and light up or skyward.

3.     Pick A Color Scheme From Your Home’s Formal Areas

Formal areas are where you welcome your guests including the entryway, living room, and dining room. Pick a color scheme from those rooms and pick one color from that scheme. For instance, pull a green couch and tone it down like an emerald color, and accentuate it on private rooms such as the office, bedroom, or den.

4.      Utilize the Color Wheel

Generally, analogous color schemes are relaxing and casual. Also, they work wonders in private or informal areas. This can be specifically good for your bedroom, or a room where you intend to rest and relax.

5.     Choose A Color From Your Clothes

When you shop, you usually pick clothes in colors you want to wear and would generally look best in. Likewise, you dress your rooms in colors that flatter your clothes. For instance, if you like denim, then you may want to consider a navy sofa. On top of that, you can mix in a little citrusy accent with accessories, pillows, etc.

6.      Choose Gray Tones

The color is gray is today’s trendiest neutral color that works in any interior. This color is known for its chameleon-like quality which allows it to look cool or warm. Also, it can be paired with any colors from pastels to bright colors.

7.      60-30-10 Rule

Separate your colors into elements of 60-30-10. This rule goes like this: 60% dominant color (walls), 30% secondary color (furniture), and 10% accent color (ornaments). This rule works like a charm because the ratio guarantees the perfect balance of colors and provides enough pop for interest.

8.    Make Small Areas Pop

Do choose the color white for the smallest room in your house just to make it look bigger. Instead, give it an exciting quality with a vibrant or catchy color choice. Let those small rooms envelop you, and the bigger rooms expand with light.

9.   Contrast Cool and Warm Colors

Neutrals should not be boring in a chic bedroom that mixes warm honey-colored tones and cool gray values. The overall effect of it is soothing, and contrasting those two opposite tones will generate a tension that wakes up a dull space.

10.   Achieve a Monochromatic Look

Expand your favorite color by using it in a small space, such as the bathroom and fill it with that single hue. For instance, if your favorite color is green, you can balance that color with white floors and walls. Your chosen color or shade is eye-catching but not too overwhelming.

11.   The Rule of Three

A good strategy to not overpower your paint colors is limiting your color scheme to three colors. For instance, you can use saturated tones of navy blue, sunny yellow, and grass green to make your room look and feel fresh.

12.   Exhibit Your Personal Style

Let people appreciate your taste and style by decorating your home honestly. Follow what you want. For instance, if you want every room in your home green, blue, and beige, then go for it. You can make your home look so good with the colors you choose when it fits your personal style.


It Is Your Home After All

Choosing a paint color for your home is not really that difficult as long as you know the basic rules and you know your style. It is your home, after all, choose your favorite colors and reinvent it on your home the way you want it to be. Your guests will appreciate your style and how it will look in your place. Furthermore, you can also seek help from painting professionals like Denver CO painters about choosing the most suitable paint color for your home.


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  1. Normally, I just choose a paint I like and use it. Since we are going to be painting 90% of the rooms in our house, this post gives me a lot to really think of!

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