Keep Your Cool With Sub Zero Ice Packs Review

There are very few things in life that continuously frustrate me. There’s not much that I can’t figure out a way to maximize time and effort.  Packing my kid’s lunches for school is not one of these such things!  However, I have found a product that’s making this mundane task a little less deplorable.  Sub Zero ice packs.

ice pack one

  • “CUTE ADORABLE BRIGHT RED, EASY to FIND and CLEAN ICE PACK – Red Delicious Apple Ice Pack a Day keeps the Doctor Away! PERFECT SIZE – Not too big and heavy and not too small to keep your precious food and drinks safe, healthy and cool. Just the right size!
  • REUSABLE LEAKPROOF CONVENIENT NO SHARP CORNERS! – No more cheap plastic bags that break leak and make a mess. Smooth Curves make it easy and safe for you kids handle! Lucky red color makes finding your ice packs in your freezer a breeze!”

I’m really trying to send my kiddos out the door with a little healthier lunch this year.  Despite my best efforts, they still manage to get in more processed foods than I’m comfortable with.  The biggest issue that I’ve found in packing healthier foods is more times than not, they need to be kept cool.  I tried out these cute little apple-shaped ice packs, and I must say I was impressed.

I started off by freezing them for a good 24 hours, maybe a little more.  The kids all have the insulated lunch boxes so I placed them in their bags.  When I returned approximately 12 hours later, the lunch box was still surprisingly cool.  Thankfully, my two boys have separate compartments in their lunchboxes which allow me to put their “cold” food in an isolated place.  These Sub Zero ice packs keep the compartment very cool and put this mama’s heart at ease when sending certain foods.

ice pack two

The size of these ice packs is so versatile.  Unlike some of the bulkier competition, these will fit just about anywhere.  They’re small but they pack a punch.  I love the material they are made of, it makes it super easy to clean them up after, say, someone smears peanut butter all over it.  And one of the best parts… NO LEAKY ICE PACKS!

I think it would be absolutely darling to wrap a tulle bow around a package of these and give them as a teacher’s gift.  Kids who participate in different clubs and go camping could also give a pack of these to their troop leaders.  These would also fit perfectly in a bottle bag for that new mama in your life.  There are so many options with such a practical gift.  Who doesn’t need ice packs every once in a while?!?

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