Improving Health and Athletic Performance With Sports Eyewear

As people engage in any sport or physical activity, from football to bicycling, they tend to wear sports gear to avoid injury and boost their overall performance. One overlooked piece of protection is sports eyewear. These glasses and goggles allow for a variety of advantages in athletic activities, both in terms of safety and achievement. They help prevent about 90% of all potential sport-related eye injuries. The special design of this gear provides protection against multiple hazards and improves on key areas. 

Protection Against Debris

A common hazard found in most athletic activities is the combination of strong winds and debris. Small objects like grass, dirt, and stone fragments are blown by the wind and can impact the eyes, which injures and blinds the athlete. Debris and other small hindrances are found in sports and activities such as volleyball and hiking. Sports Glasses effectively block most of that debris. Even people who snowboard or ski are not safe, as they need special goggles to protect them from the snow.  

Contact Avoidance

Another constant risk in most sports is contact against other players. Sports such as basketball and soccer indirectly place players against each other, putting them at risk of pokes, jabs, or other hits to the face and eyes. While football helmets include special shields with the helmet, other activities have less protection. Specially-designed sports glasses can fit the athlete’s head perfectly and withstand intense movements and conditions of various sports and athletic feats. 

Defense Against Sunlight

One more prominent danger in the field of sports and athletics, in general, is the sun. Specifically, the ultraviolet (UV) rays that the sun irradiates are harmful when people are overexposed to them. They can cause sunburn under the eyes and have connections to other conditions, such as ocular tumors. Protective eyewear with lenses made from polycarbonate is the most effective solution against UV waves.  

Enhanced Performance

Beyond protecting the eyes and overall health of the athlete, protective sports eyewear also boosts the athletic performance of the user. Many of the above hazards, such as contact and debris, also hinder the athlete’s visibility. Protective glasses, goggles or shields avoid these risks, giving the individual a clearer vision. Polycarbonate eyewear also blocks the blinding glare created by the sun, removing a major obstacle in outdoor activities. 

Protective eyewear is an integral part of outdoor and even some indoor sports. They protect the ocular health of the athlete while also improving the athlete’s visibility and achievement. 

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