Improve Health and Fitness by Exercising at Home

One of the greatest misconceptions about fitness is that working on your body is something that can only be done in a gym. With the sedentary lifestyle that the greatest majority of people are currently leading, even the minimal amount of physical activity can make a huge difference. Still, for those who are willing to take this idea one step further, yet who feel uncomfortable going to a gym, making a home gym might be a perfect middle-ground. All you need here is one free room, some equipment, and a proper game-plan. Here are some thoughts on all three of these aspects.

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Thinking About Cardio

One of the things that need to be resolved early on is the matter of cardio and this is something that is not necessarily done in your gym. You can go for an early walk with your dog, run a few laps around the neighborhood or visit a local pool for a brief swimming session every couple of days. For those who still want to do this at home, there are a couple of great options. First, you could get a treadmill, a ski machine or a stationary bicycle, which would give you the standard cardio option you would otherwise have at the gym. The downside of these machines is that they are usually quite expensive. This is why you might want to go with a less costly but much noisier solution like a punching bag or a jump rope.

Bodyweight Exercises

Next, you need to focus on all those exercises you can do with your own weight such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and sit-ups. Basically, two simple items can provide you with an opportunity to do all of them – the exercise mat and the pull-up rack. Even if you don’t have enough strength to do a single pull-up, just hanging from a rack can help boost your overall strength. Furthermore, seeing how you are doing exercises that require only your own weight, the risk of getting injured is minimal.

Spice Up Your Fitness Accessories!

Battle ropes are one of the most effective pieces of equipment because they engage your whole body.
They blend full-body resistance training, there are options for different movement patterns where you
simply improve not only body composition, but also specific parts like arms, legs, abs, and back muscles.

They are a great fit for home workouts because they are portable, save space, and can be used indoors
and outdoors. They are usually used in interval training where you swing and slam on the ground in
various ways. If are ready to spice up your fitness accessories, the battle ropes offer a whole new
workout experience.

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Mirrors and Stereo in the Home Gym

If you have ever been to an actual gym, you must have noticed that there are mirrors everywhere. Sure, you might have assumed that they are just there to satisfy the vanity of all the jocks but there is much more to it. First of all, while you train, your muscles take their optimal form and seeing yourself in such a state might give your self-esteem a massive boost, which would help you outperform yourself. Second, in a mirror, you can see yourself working out from a different angle and, therefore, notice if you are doing something wrong. This can both give your training efficiency a boost and lower the chance of injury.

While still on the topic of motivation, installing a stereo system in your gym can be incredible for your overall performance. Not only will it take your mind of the menial tasks your body is doing but also create a positive response to all of these exercises. This is especially great for some exercises that require a certain rhythm to them. Either way, working out with music is definitely a winning combination.

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Choosing the Right Room

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that in order to choose the right room for your gym, you need to make a list of all the equipment you will have to fit in it. While a lot of exercises can be done with a mat and a barbell, you might eventually feel the need to get a punching bag or a pec deck machine. This is why you might want to go with a room of an appropriate size. Still, for those who want to be room-efficient, keep in mind that the smaller the room, the harder time you will have to provide enough air circulation in winter. Luckily, this particular problem can be solved by contacting air conditioning experts like those from Climacool Airconditioning and asking for a professional advice.

As for the position of the room, it all depends on what you are looking for. Those who exercise early in the morning might want to get a room facing east, seeing as how this would allow them to take a full advantage of natural light. On the other hand, those who exercise in the evening can disregard this completely. Furthermore, those who are easily distracted by outside noises might want to make their home gym in a room that is facing backyard rather than the street.

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In Conclusion

At the end of the day, working out at home is great due to the fact that it provides you with privacy and allows you to save both time and money on gym clothes and commute. However, it might get lonely at times, which is why it might be a good idea to invite a friend over, every now and then. On the other hand, your main goal in the gym should be getting your body into its optimal shape and a home gym is more than capable than providing you with this opportunity.


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