I See Me Books Get Personal #Review

I See Me Books Grab Your Child’s Attention

Many children love sitting on mom or dad’s lap to read a book. Keeping a child’s attention for a long period of time seems virtually impossible. I See Me Personalized Children’s Books are full of captivating stories. They allow your child to increase their imagination and education. iseemebook

Your child’s name will appear repeatedly in the story, which helps the child recognize their name. Creatively using both first and last name of the child, these books include incredible eye-catching, colorful graphics. For example, in the book I received, the author speaks directly to the child by starting the sentence off with their first name. Their name also appears in the name of the garden, the space shuttle, the barber shop and so many more areas. In this specific book, the last name of the child also becomes the cartoon’s name, printed on the back of the jersey.


Also, I See Me incorporates fairy tale adventures and positive affirmations into each book. This encourages one to dream about their future. Adding self-confidence, readers can explore the many options of careers available to them. Another book may add self-worth by reminding the child they are loved by many. In conclusion, I See Me offers nothing but encouragement. This day in age, our children need all the positive encouragement they can get. Why not start boosting their self-esteem at a very young age?

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