How to Update Your Wardrobe to Keep Up with the Summer 2018 Trends

Despite the chilly weather conditions that have been tormenting us this spring, the warm weather is finally here to stay, and this means that you can now safely organize your wardrobe to prepare for summer. Now is the time to decide what stays and what goes, and what new items you need, to keep up with the latest trends. In the following lines, we will give you a few tips on reusing old clothes, and we will also discuss the new trends that are worth investing in. 

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Most summer dresses rarely go out of style, but there are some models and prints that you should avoid this summer. If you own a Club dress, you should get rid of it as soon as possible, as it is unlikely that it will ever come back in style again. Bandage dresses are also not recommended this season, although you can keep them, as they might make a comeback in the following years. Try to avoid tight dresses altogether, and instead opt for flowy flower dresses, or for elegant pinstripe dresses. Gingham check prints are also very hot this season, and so are bold colors like yellow, fuchsia or neon blue. If you have outdated dresses that you are still attached with, you can try to update them with belts, or you can try to wear them in an unconventional way like paired with a masculine jacket. If you want to invest in new models, opt for polka dot prints, shirtdresses, baby dolls, and oversized dresses.


If you have any peasant tops, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible and replace them with some cute ruffled tops, which you can pair with jeans or miniskirts. Moreover, you should also say goodbye to any tight fit tube tops and instead opt for some looser models, like these black tube tops from VeronicaM. Black will be very popular this summer, and loose clothes are not only comfortable to wear, but they are this season’s major trend.

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You are free to keep most of your old miniskirts, as you can’t really break any fashion rules with them this summer. However, midi skirts will give you a more stylish appearance, especially if you opt for a classy, buttoned-down model. Moreover, you should get rid of any prairie skirts that you might have in your closet and replace them with some pleated or ruffled midi skirts. Maxi skirts are also still trendy, especially if they have some wacky prints or bold colors. To update their look, wear maxi skirts with cropped tops. As far as pants go, get rid of skinny, boyfriend and low-cut pants, and replace them with casual loose cut-offs.


Starting from head to toe, get rid of any bandanas that you might own. As far as headbands go, you can wear them, as long as you style them in an unconventional way, such as an oversized bow. Headbands are also not recommended, but feel free to wear both natural and synthetic flowers in your hair. If you want to truly stand out, opt for an opulent hair necklace or a jeweled crown. As far as purses go, get rid of fringed models, and replace them with woven bags and basket purses. When it comes to jewelry, less is more in the summertime. Avoid necklaces as they are uncomfortable to wear, and instead invest in earrings and bracelets, featuring pastel, flower-shaped jewels. Moreover, try to avoid silver jewelry at all costs this summer, and instead opt for gold or fabric accessories. Last but not least, when it comes to shoes, simple just won’t cut it this summer. Invest in sparkly shoes, featuring glitter or sequins. Sandals encrusted with pearls and jewels are also very popular, and if you are a little crafty, you could upgrade some simple shoes with jewels or glitter.



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