How to Transform Your Garage Into a More Usable Space Before Summer

You can use your garage for a lot more than just parking your car or storing your old junk. This summer, you can use it as a space for your kids to hangout, as a quiet space for you to get some work done, as a workshop for your new hobby, or anything else you need a little more room for. Here are some things that you can do to transform your garage into a more usable space before the summer gets here.

Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need

Your garage is probably filled with a bunch of stuff that you don’t use. If this is the case, you really should get rid of all of the excess. Purge things that you haven’t used for at least six months. Chances are that you won’t ever need these items anyways, and you would benefit from having more space. If there are things that you haven’t used recently, but you can’t bear to sell, give away, or throw out, get a storage unit and store some things there. That way, it won’t be taking up precious space.

Upgrade Your Flooring

Most garages just have cement flooring. It can look very unappealing, especially if your home is older and it has sustained some wear. To take care of that, you can outfit the garage with epoxy flooring to your garage. It can really transform the way that your garage looks, and can even help prevent slipping and falling. You can apply the epoxy yourself or have a professional do it for you.

Install Shelves

If you are trying to find a way to make room in your garage so that it’s more usable, you should install shelves. They can hold a lot of your belongings and make them easy to find. Shelves will allow you to get some of your items off of the floor and make more room for you to walk or allow you to add seating.

Add Fans Or A Portable Air Conditioner

You may not be using your garage in the summer because it just gets too hot. You can easily solve this by adding fans to keep it at a more comfortable temperature. If it gets really hot in your garage, then you may need to invest in a portable air conditioner as well. The money you spend will be worth the investment as it will allow you to be able to use the space more. If the garage gets too cold when winter comes, just swap out the fans for portable heaters.

You can turn your garage into a usable space this summer without a lot of work. By getting rid of clutter, upgrading your flooring, installing shelves, and cooling it down, your garage can be a space that you and your family will want to enjoy more often. With a little bit of time and effort, you can turn your garage into an area that you can use virtually any time of year.

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