How to Make a French-Style Bed

We think we can all agree that a big, beautiful, cozy bed is one of life’s little pleasures. French-style beds are all about neutral colors, frilly patterns, and lots of fluff. Using light-toned, quality fabrics, combining old pieces with new ones, and mixing diverse textures while still keeping a cohesive look is what gives French bedrooms their romantic charm and appeal. Interested in duplicating these vibes in your boudoir? 

Here’s how to master the French-style bed in your home:

The Headboard

First things first — you need the right bones. French-style beds are known for their silky, tufted headboards and carved detail. Not only are they beautiful, but they add drama and elegance to any bedroom they’re incorporated in. The tufted fabric headboard also helps add extra coziness. The key is to keep it neutral so it matches the ambiance of a French bedroom. 

The Mattress

If there’s one part of your home that you should never skimp on, it’s your mattress. Considering we spend nearly half of our lifetimes in bed, you should be investing in a quality mattress. If you’re looking for one that fits the French boudoir vibes, remember that French beds are usually oversized — measuring at about 115 to 140 cm across. So find a fluffy one that you can sprawl yourself out on (so long as your space allows it, of course).

The Bedding

The way you dress your French-style bed sets the tone for the entire room. Opt for light, neutral textiles like natural cotton and linens for that luxury French bedding aesthetic. These soft, crisp fabrics are perfect for sinking into at the end of the day and make your bedroom feel like your favorite hotel suite. Silk bedding also adds a decadent and opulent touch with inherent beauty benefits for your hair and skin. Don’t be afraid to mix up textured pieces to break up the monotony like draping a silky woven blanket at the foot of your bed.

The Duvet

Your duvet is the “icing on the cake” of your French-style bed and plays a big part in your French-style bedroom’s aesthetic. A cozy, romantic, French-style bed would be incomplete without a big, fluffy duvet. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of options depending on how you like to sleep and your budget. For instance, if it’s cold, opt for a wool duvet that will keep you delightfully snug. If you live somewhere warmer or tend to get hot while you sleep, opt for something lighter like a light down or alternative down that’s breathable, moisture-repelling, but still keeps you cozy all year long.

The Pillows

French-style beds are all about fluff, comfort, and a little romance. Pillows are the perfect way to create that fluffy silhouette that draws you in and makes you feel like you’re sleeping on clouds. Style them over your duvet by propping them up in an aesthetically pleasing fashion for that relaxing hotel suite look. As a finishing touch, add a few throw pillows of different textures to break up the neutrals and add some charm to your French-style bed’s dressing.

The Layers

One of the most beautiful characteristics of French-style beds is the thoughtful layering that goes into dressing the bed. Feel free to have a little fun with this and get creative. We recommend mixing it up as the seasons’ change. In the colder months, incorporate woven fabrics and faux fur to create that holiday vibe that makes you want to snuggle up with hot chocolate. In the warmer months, swap out the chunky textiles for lightweight, breathable fabrics like linen to stay cool, but will still keep you warm at night. Drape your pieces thoughtfully over the bedding to cultivate a casually stylish feel.

The Lighting

French-style beds are romantic and inviting. The lighting around your bed plays a big part in creating that ambiance. If you don’t have light dimmers in your bedroom already, swap out your bulbs for warm white ones that create the soft, romantic glow that makes boudoirs so inviting. Adding candles, twinkle lights, and even a chandelier in the area surrounding your French-style bed will recreate that same cozy, picturesque atmosphere that makes French bedrooms so lovely. 

Recreating a French-style bed is the perfect way to elevate your bedroom and add a little romance and drama. When done correctly, they can be a beautiful showpiece in your home. Incorporate these easy-to-apply tips into your bedroom and we promise you’ll get it right the first time around. Before you know it, your bedroom will feel like your very own French chateau — no travel necessary.

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