How To Keep Common Office Areas Safe And Sanitary 

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Office space should always be clean and sanitary to ensure your staff’s proper health, safety, and productivity. It can also attract customers through your sterile surroundings and boost your staff’s focus. The shared office areas such as lobby spaces, restrooms, conference, and break rooms are usually frequented by your numerous team members. There’s a possibility of transmission of germs and viruses from surfaces or close contact.  

Thus, ensuring such areas are kept safe is vital to prevent the spreading of contagious diseases. You can implement procedures or take the necessary measures to help mitigate such problems that prevent sanitarians of the office. With that in mind, below are various effective ways to keep common office areas safe and sanitary: 

Enlist For Professional Cleaners Services

Undertaking thorough daily office cleaning can be time-consuming, and your staff may not complete their work assignments on time. Other times, the person cleaning can sometimes do it hurriedly, and some dirt and germs may still linger on the surfaces or in the air. For such reasons, consider the service of cleaners such as day porter services or other similar ones to conduct a thorough cleaning of your office from time to time.   

They’ll ensure they do it efficiently to prevent the spread of germs and viruses in common office areas, ensuring your staff and customers are safe and healthy. These professional cleaning services are also up to date on the health cleaning protocols required by expert health organizations.   

They have the equipment and expertise to ensure the point area surfaces and objects are correctly cleaned and disinfected. Thus, consider looking for such experts in your area and explain the service you need so they can tell you how much they charge for cleaning. Eventually, you’ll maintain a clean and safe environment for business. 

Consider Cleaning Daily

Even after professional cleaning, ensure you continue the norm continually to avoid the build-up of dirt in common areas. Consider delegating the cleaning responsibilities to staff and providing them with cleaning supplies like disinfecting wipes or sprays. These are various things your team can take turns doing daily, like wiping doorknobs, light switches, tables, and chairs and taking out the trash, and restocking supplies in common areas. 

Ensure You Sanitize Commonly Used Surfaces And Objects

High-touch surfaces and objects in common office areas are more likely to harbor germs and viruses. Therefore, it’s essential to disinfect these surfaces and objects like remotes, telephones, door handles, chairs, tables, light switches, computer keyboards, computer mice, printers, scanners, faucets, and toilet flush handles using disinfectant wipes. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use and clean as often as possible. 

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Foster Personal Hygiene Practices And Encourage The Use Of PPE Kits

Constantly reminding your staff about personal hygiene practices is another excellent approach to keeping common office areas safe and sanitized. You can display posters in common areas to remind staff and customers to wash their hands frequently using hand sanitizers. They should also learn the proper way of coughing or sneezing to prevent the transmission of bacteria to others.   

Disposable wipes and hand sanitizers in common areas can encourage people to practice good hygiene. Also, put up trash bins for the staff to put the items they’ve used instead of the floor or tables, which can form perfect breeding grounds for bacteria.  

Suppose there are contagious diseases like cold or flu going around; it’d help if you gave your staff personal protective equipment (PPE) like face masks or gloves that can help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses in common areas. This way, you’ll minimize the spread of airborne diseases while enabling your staff to be safe in the office. 

Properly Ventilate The Common Areas

Proper ventilation helps sustain a healthy indoor environment in common office areas since it assists in decreasing the accumulation of germs and viruses. Thus, check your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) in the common sites are working efficiently and constantly maintained. Other measures for ventilation could include opening windows and doors; to ensure there’s the circulation of fresh air.  

Set Up Hand Sanitizing Strategically

You can set hand sanitizing stations strategically in the common areas so staff can be encouraged to sanitize their hands. Remember, germs can be transmitted quickly, especially in these common areas. Put hand sanitizers on the entry points, desks, or tables so your staff can use them. 


Maintaining a safe and sanitary office helps your staff reduce the risk of infection, ensuring their concentration and productivity. Thus, it’d help if you paid attention to cleaning your office. You can do it regularly. Consider enlisting for professional cleaning occasionally to ensure your office area’s deep cleaning. Such services can ensure your office smells fresh and is free of germs. 

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