How to Introduce Family Members to Strength Conditioning

As a parent, we want to make sure our families are healthy and thriving. In doing so, it is important to introduce exercise to our family members while they are young. If you plan on your kids participating in sports at any time in their life, it is essential to begin a training regimen early on. Introducing strength training at a young age helps reduce the likelihood of injuries or at the very least minimizes the extent of the injury as they get involved in sports.

Benefits of Strength Training

Introducing youth to strength training has become increasingly popular. Strength training helps build muscular strength, increase overall fitness, and sports performance, reduce the chances of injury and/or the severity of the injury, as well as increase self-confidence. While most people think of strength training as using barbells and heavy equipment, it does not necessarily mean using weights. Children need to learn how to use their bodyweight first. Learning how to use their body weight for strength and resistance training helps them to develop the balance and coordination needed later on when weights are introduced.

Age to Begin Training

When it comes to kids starting them off from the very beginning is the most beneficial. While there is no recommended age, according to NCSA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)” it is generally recommended that they must be mature enough to accept and follow directions and possess an understanding of the risks and benefits associated with resistance training.” This usually happens as kids become active in organized sports around 6-9 years old. At this age, you should be introducing them to multiple sports. This helps children develop their running, jumping, kicking, balance, and coordination skills. As well as speed. This is also a good time to introduce children to using their bodies for strength training through gymnastics and swimming. As kids get older, around 9-12 years old, they should be learning how to train using more than just bodyweight. At this time equipment such as medicine balls and kettlebells can be introduced.

Choosing the Right Training Programs

When choosing the right program that is best for you and your family, there are many different options to choose from, going to the gym, getting a personal trainer, or working through online courses are just a few of the options. Whatever option you choose, finding a program with professional trainers is the most beneficial for you and your family. These trainers teach you how to handle the equipment probably and what to do and not do in order to increase strength and limit injuries. Companies like Pro Kettlebell have online courses that range from beginners to more experienced family members. These courses can help teach and train the entire family. Using an online kettlebell program like this allows you to work out as a family or individually on your own time to access fitness training supplemental materials. You don’t have to worry about expensive gym fees or finding the time to get to the gym that works for everyone. Choosing kettlebells for strength training is advantageous in that the whole family can use these. However, it’s important that each member of the family use kettlebells appropriate for their weight and strength. How do you know what size kettlebell to choose? When choosing the correct weight of a kettlebell, know your why. Is it to gain muscle, become stronger, or lose weight? If it is to gain muscle, you might want to choose a kettlebell on the heavier side, but if it is to lose weight, look to a medium-weight kettlebell. Try lifting the kettlebell over your head with one arm. If you can easily do 20 or more, it’s probably too light. However, if by the end, you are struggling to lift the kettlebell, it might be too heavy.


Just remember, teaching children early on helps to develop healthy habits for later in life. While the goal is to get to strength training using weights and equipment, it does not necessarily have to be using a physical object. Running, jumping, balance coordination, and using your body as weights such as, doing push-ups and pull-ups, help to strengthen your core and muscles. Having easy-to-transport equipment such as medicine balls and kettlebells helps families to take the strength training outside of the gym and workout from home, on vacation, or at the park, on your time.


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