How to Have a Classic Yet Elegant Home

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Your home is a reflection of who you are. It should also be a place where you can relax and be yourself. While you may use your space for work, parties, and much more, you want your home to be the truest representation of your personal style. If you are like many people, you may want to transform your boring interior space into a classic yet elegant masterpiece.

Add Molding

Molding was a part of many classical homes, particularly those owned by aristocrats. Crown molding can go around the top of your room and can come in a variety of designs to match your decor. Paint it the same color as your other trim or a contrasting color for more of a punch. You may also want to consider adding ceiling medallions or picture frame molding.

Choose the Right Window Coverings

If you choose flimsy window coverings or basic plastic blinds, your home will look more like a college dorm room than an elegant residence. Instead, opt for heavy curtains and drapes or elegant sheers that flow down from the ceiling to the pool on the floor. Lush patterns and amazing textures will set the tone for a rich look.

Add Mirrors and Art

Mirrors increase the light in a room, making it appear more open and engaging. Art does not have to be expensive to look amazing. Choose a few of your favorite prints and have them reproduced on canvas. Then, choose simple wood frames or gilded picture frames for sale to finish the piece.

Add a Chandelier or Two


While chandeliers were once only used in the dining room, they can now be used in nearly any room of the house. A crystal chandelier in a bedroom or even a walk-in closet amps up the glam factor. For a cozy elegance in your dining room, choose a candle chandelier with shades. Be sure to choose a chandelier cleaning service to keep your chandelier elegant throughout the years.

Choose Hardwood Floors

Although carpeting was once seen as very elegant, it is now associated more with lower-scale homes. Instead, opt for hardwood floors or other luxurious hard surfaces, such as marble or tile. If you are trying to keep your budget in check, you may want to check out the numerous laminate options available today that look just like the real thing.

No matter what your budget for home remodeling is, you can create a classic yet elegant look throughout your interior. Many of these projects can be done yourself with some simple materials that you pick up at your local hardware, craft or interior design store. Be sure to focus on spotlight pieces that will draw the eye every time you walk into the room.

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