How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree? How to Save on Contractors.

In this guide, we show you what it will take to remove trees of different sizes and complexity and how much it costs to remove trees in your area. There is no universally accepted method of establishing tree removal cost, for this reason, they are given as a preliminary guideline.

How much does it cost to remove a tree? The short answer is the average price of tree removal ranges from $150 to $1,500 at a tree service company. However, there may be additional costs that are difficult to plan for at first.

For example, the average price of pulling out stumps fluctuates from $60 up to $350, and the average price of crushing stumps is $75-1,000 due to a large number of conditions. So, let’s start our tree removal cost calculator.

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How much does it cost to remove a tree in 2023?

The average price of tree removal according to the state is approximately $1.100, despite the fact that the tree removal of a minor or fallen log can cost a total of $200 for a tree removed. In the most complicated cases, a single log removal service can cost up to $2,000.

A tree trunk has every chance of growing up to a hundred feet in height, and they are particularly expensive to eliminate. For example, an average mature white palm tree ranges from 15 to 80 feet. In such a case, tree removal costs can range from $750 to 1,200.

The average cost of removing a tree due to the volume of a tree stump

The following chart shows characteristic values in some trees, based on their typical height in the year of maturity.

Tree Type – Average Mature Height – Total Cost to Remove

Small tree- Up to 30 feet – $100–$420

Medium tree – 30-50 feet – $420–$700

Large tree – 50-80 feet – $700–$1,120

Very large tree – More than 80 feet – $1,120–$2,000

5 Factors in Calculating the Cost to Remove a Tree

A tree removal company is able to instantly identify difficult conditions, challenges, and hazards that will affect tree removal costs from a photo or video.

You want to take pictures of the tree selected for removal so they can see the whole area, buildings, and other trees around it.

And getting a little ahead of yourself, think about what you want to do with the removed tree. You’re not going to leave it lying in the middle of the lawn, are you?

#1 The complexity of the work and tree features

According to HomeAdvisor, the main factors that determine the tree removal cost are location and accessibility. For example, with palm tree removal, the increase could be 20 to 50%.

Large branches growing above the dwelling should be lowered on a rope if they become slanted. With extra large trees, tree removal service companies involve construction equipment to avoid damaging healthy trees and buildings nearby.

Sometimes this is an actual dangerous job, and DIY tree removal is not always possible. In some cases, when a standing tree or multiple trees are too close to a house or fence, it indicates the need for tree removal service support.

#2 National average cost per type of tree

The type of tree determines the specifics of the work on its removal. Even for a non-professional, it is obvious that the removal of a maple tree is different in complexity from pine tree. The difficulty of tree stump removal also depends on tree species.

Tree type – size – tree removal prices

Mature oak – 60-80 feet – 700-1300$

Palm trees – 80-90 feet – 200-900$

The 100+ species of trees – 90 feet – 150-2000$

Cedar trees – 80-100 feet – 500-2000$

Mature maple trees – 60-100 feet – 1100-2000$

Mature ash tree – 40-80 feet – 800-2000$

Poplar trees – 90-115 feet – 1500-2000$

#3 Tree diameter

The diameter of the log is considered another main condition for the price of pulling out tree removal. The diameter is measured in the elevation of the bust or approximately 4.5 feet from the territory.

For example, a pine tree with a large trunk should be split into smaller fractions. This will then also have to be done when removing the tree stump and root system. Cutting a pine tree with a thick trunk may take longer than with a tall but thin one.

#4 Tree strength and condition

Dead trees that are in poor condition due to rot or disease have all the chances of needing special interest to avoid an incident during tree removal. If the wood is not strong, additional trunk supports are required, and workers need ladders, lifts, and other equipment.

Trunk cracks, hollows, log splitting, branches broken by storms, and other threatening situations require all safety precautions to be followed when removing trees by a certified arborist. In the event of a hazard where emergency tree removal services are needed, additional costs are likely to be incurred.

#5 How much does tree removal cost in your area

Let’s determine how geographic location compares to the national average cost.

State – Tree Removal Cost -%Difference

United States Avg. – $871

Alabama – $688 – 21%

Alaska – $1,028 – 18%

Arizona – $819 – 6%

Arkansas – $645 – 26%

California -$1,036 – 19%

Colorado – $993 – 14%

Connecticut$1,054 – 21%

Delaware – $897 – 3%

District of Columbia – $1,176 – 35%

Florida – $766 – 12%

Georgia – $810 – 7%

Hawaii – $1,106 – 27%

Idaho – $766 – 12%

Illinois – $897 – 3%

Indiana – $766 – 12%

Iowa – $827 – 5%

Kansas – $801 – 8%

Kentucky – $697 – 20%

Louisiana – $662 – 24%

Maine – $766 – 12%

Maryland – $1,150 – 32%

Massachusetts – $1,097 – 26%

Michigan – $784 – 10%

Minnesota – $967 – 11%

Mississippi – $618 – 29%

Missouri – $749 – 14%

Montana – $766 – 12%

Nebraska – $819 – 6%

Nevada – $810 – 7%

New Hampshire – $1,036 – 19%

New Jersey – $1,124 – 29%

New Mexico – $653 – 25%

New York – $1,481 – 70%

North Carolina – $740 – 15%

North Dakota – $958 – 10%

Ohio – $775 – 11%

Oklahoma – $714 – 18%

Oregon – $871 – 0%

Pennsylvania $836 – 4%

Rhode Island $888 – 2%

South Carolina – $723 – 17%

South Dakota $775 – 11%

Tennessee – $723 – 17%

Texas – $836 – 4%

Utah – $984 – 13%

Vermont – $836 – 4%

Virginia – $1,002 – 15%

Washington – $1,019 – 17%

West Virginia – $610 – 30%

Wisconsin – $836 – 4%

Wyoming – $845 – 3%

What is Typically Included with Basic Tree Removal Services?

The question of what is already included in the price should be one of the first questions you ask. This is a really important step when hiring a company. See what else is important to know before you call pros – How to negotiate a tree removal company: Simple steps to agreement.

When removing a tree, a large number of different degrees of maintenance are available, however, as a rule, a number of key components are included in the set.

Undoubtedly, the tree species will need to be cleaned. In addition to the principle, the supplier also needs to produce pieces of logs that rise deep into the oak tree, as well as cut it into the smallest tree trees pieces.

Professional tree service

Due to the urgent tree removal, most of the owners usually try to stump remove the trees within the framework of the largest poplar tree according to landscaping. In this case, you will be able to study together with certain other offers, which companies give according to the oak tree removal. You will be able to save money by hiring a firm with the aim of a single dead tree instead, in order to divide it into a number of tasks.

Debris removal

Firms according to the help of professional tree removal services, as a rule, much does tree removal the wood only according to the contract. Despite the fact that this is also an exception, many firms do not contain the large tree removal of stumps in their own contracts in any way for stump removal.

Including the average tree removal costs as well as the root concept, there is often garbage, which you probably did not expect in any way tree trunks, this kind of as well as inappropriate branches, kindling, and leaves.

Tree Transplanting

Transplanting is a technique that involves carefully supporting the tree removal, then removing a tree and encapsulating its root system without damaging it. This technique works with younger trees and costs several hundred dollars with a safety hazard.


You will be able to turn the discarded fruit trees into mulch or wood with a few branches for the purpose of other more complete gardening. A tree removal professionals company is able to introduce crushing of stumps into its own cost of tree removal of stumps, however, it is able to reduce the volume of parts in addition, having overlooked them by means of an oak trees pulverizer.

Tree trimming

There are a large number of factors for tree trimming according to which you may need to trim your district trees, and not their absolute elimination.

Firms for debris removal of tall trees and also caring for them have chainsaws along with extension cords and cherry pickers, which can help them carry out this supervision because of the fallen trees.

Do I Need Tree Removal?

Trees in the bulk of regions or parks are required to be checked by foresters in order to make sure that they do not imply any danger of protection due to diseases or defects. If the features of subsequent states are expressed in the log larger trees, it is time to analyze the probability of pulling out the log.

The tree is dead or has large dead branches

A small tree should be destroyed if they have withered or if more than twenty-five percent of the branches have died, especially if they are all located on one edge without exception. Withered branches have every chance of being filmed on people or buildings stump grinding.

Lifeless wood attracts termites or rodents, stimulating the process of rotting, as well as spreading an infection to other trees and the cost to remove.

The trunk is damaged or hollow

Wood is able to stay alive for many years together with a hollow healthy tree, but hollow wood becomes unstable in the absence of a conventional base system. An arborist can determine the psychological position of a log together using a resistograph test to determine whether the wood is considered solid, mature, or hollow.

The tree is diseased or rotting

If the features of the disease are expressed in the tree, as well as a fungus or infection, this is able to expand the question into other trees and the cost to remove. Patients or decayed trees are structurally unstable and also unsafe.

Many well-known signs of the disease contain bleaches growing in the log, a tender back that falls off freely when touched, or a wet base near the trunk with extensive root systems, which speaks to root rot.

Dutch elm disease is poorly treatable. If we are talking about infecting individual trees in an urban area, then treatment is carried out with injections of antifungal drugs. Such measures do not always bring results, especially if the tree is severely affected. In forests, plantings and large parks with a tree removal company, such a technique is not possible, therefore it is believed that there are no ways to effectively treat Ophistoma.

The tree is leaning

In windy areas, many removing a tree often bend a little in this direction, in which they are pushed by the breeze. A thorough slope of the main trunk is in no way less than 15 degrees capable of indicating a question in the large-root concept with proper safety equipment.

In the absence of a strong large-rooted concept, wood dares to collapse in frivolous weather and also spoil housing or property. In case the wood suddenly starts to bend, go to a professional according to the tree service.

The tree is under power lines

If you decide to plant the fallen tree removal services directly near the power lines, pick up the wood, which will be further than the power line in your own adult elevation. Trees that grow very close to the direction of the power transmission must be destroyed in order to avoid dangerous power outages.

The tree is growing too close to an existing structure

If the cost of the tree removal process increases very close to the housing or garage, the branches have every chance to spoil the exterior decoration, sound insulation, or windows. Pine nectar can spoil the tone, and the windows have every chance to be crushed during storms. The tree removal services with average cost are required to stay at a distance of 20 feet from the dwelling. The removal of a log that is very close to the dwelling keeps the system secure.

DIY vs Professional Tree Removal Company

Despite the fact of fallen trees’ average cost that you will be able to independently carry out almost all issues according to housing and gardening, the log roll does not enter into their number in any way. It is risky to feel wood – an earthly paradise for the purpose of specialists according to the care of trees together with a long-term skill.

Always go to specialists in emergency tree removal if you need to collect or remove wood. They have special equipment, permits, insurance, as well as training required for the purpose of performing difficult issues, such as cutting down and removing large trees.

When Is It Safe To Cut Down a Tree Myself?

See a number of conditions that must be taken into account when independently tree removal the log:

  • Including the elimination of a relatively insignificant, tightened fruit log can be dangerous. Before pulling out the log, make sure that you have all the important special equipment with you, without exception, in order to provide protection, such as safety glasses, gloves, strong work shoes, a helmet, as well as the resources of the protection of the hearing.
  • Check whether a solution is necessary for you to eliminate the log.
  • In case something goes wrong in any way, and you will also suffer or your property will be damaged, you will be supported because of this obligation.
  • If you did not consult with a forester at first, then you may not be able to provide a whole data on the health status of the log in any way. If the medium-sized tree has caught up or caught up, the plan can become very complicated very quickly.
  • According to the ability, eliminate the tree removal team at the end of winter or in premature spring, if the increase in the log is in a state of calm and also in the log fewer leaves.
  • In general, I do not advise in any way to try emergency tree removal with falling branches with a size of more than 10 feet, in case you do not have high-class training. In full, the more wood, at the same time the more threat.

How to Save Money on the Cost to Tree Removal Companies

  • The removal of trees in certain variants can be expensive, but with the owners, there are ways to save money in the course. See a number of methods to reduce costs in removing logs.
  • Cut down small trees less than 15 feet long independently.
  • Ask for prescriptions according to the last facet at 3 influential firms.
  • Ask the forester to examine the fallen tree, in order to determine whether it is necessary to eliminate all the wood completely without exception or only many branches. 
  • If a number of trees are being removed while you are there, make a decision to emergency tree remove the driftwood independently. Leasing of a meat grinder is necessary from a service station up to $150 cost of the tree removal period.
  • In certain areas, firms according to the tree service are ready to present you bonuses in the off-season.
  • Ask a certified forester to monitor the position of your trees at any time. With appropriate care from tree removal companies, most of the trees will not need to be removed in any way until the end of their long working time.


Let’s summarize that we’ve established five major factors that affect the price of tree removal. Now, you roughly understand what funds you will need if you hire a tree removal company.

If the trunk has initial damage, don’t procrastinate and do the removal before it becomes urgent. Small trees can be handled on your own, but leave the big, heavy ones to the professionals.

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