Home Improvement Tips that Reduce Installation Costs

We all dream of one da owning a dream home but money stands in the way of building on these dreams, literally. Luckily, there are home improvements that come at a reasonable cost if you are ready to cut a few corners (not on safety, of course). The following 8 home improvements do not come with a hefty price tag so they are ideal if you are looking to remodel your house or apartment on a budget.

Use leftover materials extensively

We presume that this sprucing up of your home is not the first one you’ve undertaken. This means you have a lot of material left over from previous improvements. Instead of letting it sit idle, you should put these leftovers to good use.

Furthermore, the contractors you hire might have leftover material that you can get for a bargain price. All in all, leftovers have the potential to bring down the overall price of revamping of your home. 

Install ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets 

Choosing to update your kitchen cabinets can be a big task, and sometimes expensive. But many people do it because having high-quality cabinets increases the value of your home and makes your kitchen a more desirable place.

If you choose to update your kitchen cabinets and want to save money where you can, rather than paying for a handyman to come to your home and install new cabinets, you should consider installing ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. These cabinets are delivered to your home unassembled, and you get to set them up! It’s easy too. If this is something you choose to do, check out an online  cabinetry retailer, like Walcraft Cabinetry, to find affordable RTA cabinets.

Leave the plumbing where it is

Whether you have plans to revamp the kitchen or you are considering adding a splash pad to the backyard, try to complete these projects without moving the plumbing. Namely, moving drains is costly because you first hire someone to plan the move and then find skilled plumbers to actually relocate nearly all the pipes running through your house. Just moving the kitchen sink will set you back at least 2.000 dollars!

Finding a good electrician

Then it comes to adding or moving electrical wiring and outlets, the situation is not much different in terms of finances. However, electrical work is hard to avoid because nearly all home improvements involve a power source of some sort.

What you can do is hire a reliable residential electrician that will give you a fair quote. In general, try to allocate reliable contractors and handymen because the last thing you need for some trickster to rip you off.

Imitations are OK

During the renovation, you are going to have to buy a lot of new things, from the kitchen island to the ceiling fan. However, you don’t have to buy originals, as imitations are far cheaper. One example are the floors that don’t necessarily have to be high-end hardwood floors but bamboo ones instead.

They offer the same advantages, come at a lower price, and they are sourced from renewable sources, so there is no need to shy away from bamboo floors. In general, the difference between copies and the original is minuscule nowadays; prompting you to choose the more affordable version.

Transport the materials on your own

One of the biggest costs during a renovation comes from the transport of materials. Everything you buy, from timber to a new TV will be delivered to your doorstep but for a price. Since building materials are going to arrive on a daily basis during the reconstruction, shipping costs will skyrocket.

A wiser solution is to see which businesses and individual contractors offer free delivery and to rent a small truck or a van to transport the materials yourself. Renting out a truck for a period of a couple of hours is sometimes cheaper than using delivery services.

Choose improvements based on their resale value

Apart from the initial cost of installation, you should look at the potential resale value a home improvement can reach. Admittedly, few remodeling projects come with a 100% percent return rate on your investment but there are projects that promise a higher resale value. 

For instance, you can attract business people to buy your property if there is a spruced up home office inside. A sunroom addition to the back of the house can also add a couple of thousands of dollars to the resale price. Finally, the room with the highest resale value is the kitchen, averaging at around 70% return on investment.

Don’t look for good deals when it’s too late

Negotiating over the price of materials, appliances, and handiwork comes natural but it might be too late to do this once the renovation project had started. You should look for the best deals on the market before you start remodeling. This way, you’ll have extra time on your hands and a better negotiation position.

What can I do to help?

In theory, you could complete a home improvement just by soliciting help from a couple of friends. However, if you have property value in mind, then professionals in the industry should have the final say. Leave the bulk of the work to building contractors, professional carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc.

Your role on the building site should be limited to small, side jobs such as painting, cleaning, and light demolition. Of course, if you have additional skills such as appliance repair or roofing, you can join the other handymen but only after the foreman agrees. If you wish to save money on labor, you should work alongside the contractor.

Reducing the cost of a home improvement is possible with the help of the tips listed above. The end result is a higher profit margin when the house goes up for sale.

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  1. Thanks for your money-saving ideas on home maintenance. I also find it really hard to find a good and highly skilled electrician for the maintenance works. It seems to be a great idea to choose home improvements based on their resale value. I do go for imitations for certain stuff when I have to manage my home improvements within my budget.

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