Home Gym Hack: Add a Zen Room to Your House


Many of us are struggling with regular exercise. Somehow, we always manage to find a good excuse for not exercising – the traffic, the housework, the kids, or tiredness. And sometimes, it’s the sheer fact that the gym is too far away from your home.

So, what keeps you working out regularly? It is your fitness buddy that won’t allow you to quit? Or the closeness of the gym? In most cases, It would be ideal if you could have a gym room inside your home. It truly allows you to exercise exactly when you want (or have the time).

Maybe the problem is money. A home gym hack can turn out to be pretty expensive once you start buying the equipment. And let’s not forget the fact that you do need to have a spare room for that.

Still, the effort will be worth it. Just think how great it would be to have a Zen room in your home, where you can relieve stress, boost your energy, and take a break from everyday obligations. It’s a room worth having, don’t you think?

How to make the room really Zen

If you are determined to turn one of your rooms into a place of exercise and mental detox, there are a couple of steps to be taken.

Choose a peaceful color – you don’t have to stick to neutral colors like white – blue, yellow, and purple can be soothing, too. Still, if you really enjoy bright red or orange, then follow your desires!

De-clutter – Clutter in a room also clutters your mind and keeps you from gaining focus. Get rid of all the necessary stuff in your zen room – papers, magazines, and old clothes. Leave only things related to exercising. You need to have a clear mind in order to fully concentrate on exercising and get the maximum out of it.

Natural light – if possible, choose a room that gets plenty of natural light. We are all more energized and relaxed when we get enough sunlight. If you always do your workout at night or if the room is just too dark, then avoid overhead lighting and stick to calming sources of light that you’ll place around the room.

Add plants – they make up for not being able to do exercises outside by bringing you closer to nature and filtering the air. You don’t have to go overboard with them – a couple of plants will have a calming effect.

Make it comfortable – You don’t have to have the most expensive equipment and furnishings, but a couple of carefully chosen items will provide you with comfort. The important thing is to have a gym floor mat that prevents slipping when doing various, fast movements. You need to be stable on your feet at all times. Getting the appropriate clothing and towels made of natural fabrics that will always be within your reach also means a lot. You should feel good in your body and in your clothes while doing exercises.

Calming scents – a great Zen room or a gym hack room is one that also relaxes you by the way it smells. The scents in a room are often neglected, which is a big mistake. You can choose between a potpourri, a scented candle, or a diffuser. Just find a fragrance that works for you. If you live in the countryside or high in the hills, then you can also let the scented, fresh air of nature around your home fill the room.

Motivational artwork – the walls should not be cluttered but a couple of works of art will only add to the calming effect of the Zen room. Choose artwork with landscapes that you love or any type of artwork that keeps you moving.

Why having a Zen room is so important

Now you know how to create a Zen room in your home but do you know all the benefits of having it?

First of all, if you need to go to the gym at a specific time of the day on a specific day, the chances are you won’t always feel like exercising when you are supposed to. Having your own space for exercising enables you to do exercise when you really want to and when you can give your best. Being dependable on outer factors is not fun but this is the way to always stick to your workout schedule because you will be the one creating it.

Secondly, it is easy to set up a workout space with only a couple of pieces of equipment. A yoga mat, a Pilates ball and a couple of hand and ankle weights are all you need to get started. No need for wide and expensive equipment. A couple of items can do miracles if you are devoted and determined. And it will take you just a minute or two to set everything up and start the workout.

With minimal zen home gym equipment, you can work the best. A zen room gives you an isolated space where you can exercise with concentration. And anything that is done with a full heart always leaves a positive impact.

Lastly, this is a perfect space to use for chilling out and deep meditation. It is the place where you go to decompress, so nobody says you always have to exercise there. When you decorate the space according to your personal taste, it will also become a relaxation room just for you.

All in all

Having a healthy lifestyle is incredibly rewarding but it doesn’t mean it is easy to achieve it and keep it. There are many factors affecting it and one of the most important ones is regular exercise. It is important to help yourself in any way you can to make sure you will stick to your workout regime. One of the surest ways to do it is to try and have a home gym hack. The benefits are obvious and the trick is to make an effort to create a truly great Zen room for exercising, meditating, and relaxing. That way, you will provide yourself with a personal space where you can keep fit and relay whenever the opportunity or the need arises.

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