Help The Gentle Barn Raise $150K During This Wildfire Season

Courtesy of The Gentle Barn

I live on the east coast and we mostly have to deal with occasional hurricanes or tornadoes. However, recently, the smoke and small particles from the raging wildfires in Canada have plagued our eastern seaboard. I feel very fortunate to only have to deal with the smoggy haze in the air from the fires. I can’t imagine what the Canadian residents and animals are going through. Although you can’t prevent wildfires, you can be prepared. The Gentle Barn (a non-profit sanctuary for rescue animals with three locations across the U.S.) is on a mission to do just that.

The Gentle Barn has been rescuing, rehabilitating, and offering sanctuary to animals since 1999. Sadly, forecasters are anticipating this year to be the worst fire season ever on record. The Gentle Barn has learned through experiences, such as the close call during the Tick Fire in 2019, the need to be prepared for future threats. Roads were blocked, leaving the sanctuary cut off from help. Evacuating all the animals in time was a huge challenge, and they need to be prepared for the next inevitable wildfire. With each passing year, they face a stark reality: extreme weather, and the challenges that come with it, are projected to worsen.

Let’s take a look at their emergency plan for fundraising that will allow them to do everything they can to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals they care for. To address these urgent needs, The Gentle Barn has outlined an Emergency Plan to raise $150k in order to obtain:

  •  Brush/fire kindling clearing
  • A 5,000-gallon water tank
  • A new truck to help evacuate animals
  • Tractor, trailer, and truck maintenance
  • Misting and sprinkling systems
  • More shaders for the cows and pigs

In addition, other necessities include:

  • Small water baths for chickens, turkeys, peacocks, and other birds: Offering water bowls for the chickens and turkeys to stand in will allow them to cool off their feet and regulate their body temperature effectively.
  • Large Trees for Shade: Planting trees strategically across the premises will offer natural shade and shelter, providing respite from the sun’s intense rays and creating a more pleasant habitat for the animals.
  • Specially Designed Structures for Pigs: Provide additional specially designed structures to keep the pigs comfortable on even the hottest days by making sure their mud stays cool.
  • Additional Water Trailer: They require an extra water trailer for their Healing Center located at their second property in California. This will ensure an adequate water supply for the animals during evacuation periods.

You can help The Gentle Barn in California, Tennessee, and Missouri by donating to help them raise $150k this wildfire season. Donate here.

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