Guide to Test and Tag in NZ

If you have any appliances either in your home or in your business in New Zealand, you are going to want to be sure that you have them tested and tagged on a regular basis.  Not only that, but you are also going to only want to have the absolute best test and tag service do the job for you, as you will be able to rest assured that everything has been done to standard and all appliances are going to be in excellent working order.  But before you can find the best test and tag service that New Zealand has to offer, you must be aware of what to expect when you have your appliances tested and tagged. Here is everything that you can expect to receive from a test and tag service.

The Testing and Tagging Process

When it comes to electrical appliances, their integrity is going to be determined by having a professional test and tag serviceman come out and test each appliance as required by what the standard is.  By utilizing the latest equipment (which is going to be a portable appliance tester), test and tag by Electrical Testing will be able to do the following testing procedures on each of your appliances, those testing procedures including:

  • A physical inspection of the appliance including the body of the appliance and all visible wiring
  • They will perform the appropriate insulation tests if required
  • They will conduct an earth circuit test
  • A test for the continuity of the current will be done
  • They will test the functionality of the appliance to make sure it is functioning as it should be
  • They will conduct a leakage/run test looking for any leaks (if necessary)
  • A polarity wire test will be performed
  • Visual inspections will be conducted looking for any damage or potential hazards and leaks
  • Look the appliance over for any type of external damage that it may have
  • Check for any type of defects, such as plugs, accessories, and socket outlets
  • Check for any connector defects that may have occurred
  • They will look over all of the supply cords for any kind of damage or worn spots
  • They are going to look at the inner wiring of the appliance in order to make sure that there are no inner cords that have become exposed and that the external sheath has not been damaged or cut
  • They will make sure that none of the cords are tangled or exposed, potentially leading to a tripping hazard
  • They will check to see if all the flexible cords have been securely anchored and that the power boards are all in working condition at maximum load


When it comes to having your appliances tested and tagged, you are going to be making sure that they are safe to use for both yourself, as well as your employees.  This is going to be very important as you should always have the motto that safety comes first. So if you haven’t had your appliances checked, be sure to contact a test and tag service so that they can check your appliances.

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