Great Ideas to Beat Summer Boredom


So many children look forward to summer vacation because it’s time away from school. When parents have full-time jobs, the kids can easily get bored because of the excessive amount of free time on their hands. Other than helping with chores and yard upkeep, kids need fun activities to partake in too. These simple ideas below don’t necessarily cost a lot of money. I hope they help you beat summer boredom with your kids, on a budget or not, this summer.

Make your Own Splash Park at Home

Community splash pads get crowded quickly. This leads to safety concerns as dozens of children jump around to get wet and cooled off. You can easily make your own splash park in your backyard. Use a couple of portable sprinklers, facing opposite directions, and a couple of tarps. Make sure the kids have water shoes so that they don’t slip and fall.

Tack down the tarp with yard stakes and turn on the water. Make sure the kids have waterproof sunscreen on and an ample supply of water to prevent heat exhaustion or dehydration.

Plan Evening Pot Luck Dinners with Friends/Family

Get a group of parents in the neighborhood together and plan weekly pot luck dinners at one of the group members’ homes. Everyone can bring a dish, but the host should provide the main dish and assist with beverages. This environment may be controlled, but the kids can run around and play, watch movies, swim or make up their own games while parents sit and relax while enjoying adult conversations.

If you would rather cookout instead of pot luck, ask each family to bring meat for grilling, (hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken, or steak.) We usually end up sharing all of it once cooked. In addition, one family can bring drinks, another paper products, and one more can bring chips/side. This takes the burden off of the host family and makes these gatherings possible more often. 

One of the most popular words that a child will speak during their summer break is “bored”. There’s not enough to do, at least in their eyes. These fun activities will cure their boredom for sure. Keeping kids busy with crafts, fun projects or anything to get them away from the television is a win for curing boredom.

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  1. I totally want to make a splash park for my nephew! The closest one is 20 minutes away and gets so crowded! He would love it! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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