Go Green or Go Home


Go Green or Go Home

Riding the green wave has never been more appreciated than it is in the 21st century. Everyone – from celebrities to ‘regular’ people started realizing how important it is to keep our Mother Nature thriving and healthy, and consequently – stay healthy ourselves.

All things that are natural and organic, green and sustainable have become the new black and we couldn’t be happier. It was about time someone diverted the conversation in the right direction.


Human rights

With fast fashion that’s developed into everything but fashion it’s become so easy to get the latest trends straight from the rack into your wardrobe and – two months later – into trash. Besides the poor quality and “trend” that lasts as long as a regular carton of milk in your fridge, the way these fast fashion clothes are made is more than worrying. In fact, the 21st century brought about a certain concern tackling upon a human rights issue in most of the undeveloped countries of the third world which is where the fast fashion clothes are made. Working for less than $10 a day (sometimes over 12 hours), women and children are sewing clothes for your favorite retail brands and are, thus, pure epitomes of modern-day slavery and mistreatment in its worst. Do you really want that cropped top that much?


Sustainable/green fashion

As a strong reaction to the burning issue of labor maltreatment in developing countries such as Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, and Cambodia, some fashion has turned to sustainable options. Unfortunately, not everyone is on board (yet!), but here’s to hoping.

Green fashion means using sustainable materials (such as recycled bottles) and organic textiles with the lowest possible damage to the environment and turning it into gorgeous items of clothing. Regrettably, most consumers aren’t that informed on what eco-fashion actually is, so they tend to associate it with fashion that lacks glamour and is limited by materials such as cotton and linen. Naturally, this is not even close to the truth, especially these days when some of the most popular brands are offering products using incredible and revolutionary organic materials. Dig a little, and you’ll be surprised to find all kinds of fabulous fashion that’s made of organic materials.


Organic Makeup

Organic makeup is the latest buzz, and we all know it. With celebrities promoting healthy lifestyle habits and organic cosmetics at large, we’ve all given ourselves the right to indulge all-things-organic, too. Organic makeup is a perfect substitute for chemically processed products that are damaging to the skin and may cause heavy irritation, redness, allergies, and blemishes, not to mention chronically clogged pores and acne. Unlike the products you’d normally grab straight off the shelf, organic products are made with all-natural ingredients that protect your skin and give it a youthful glow. So, next time you go makeup shopping, opt for fabulous organic lipsticks, organic/mineral foundations, and organic blushes – your skin will be grateful.



To Mother Nature, recycling is as important as breathing is to you. With all the materials that aren’t easily degradable yet – and make the most of our trash – the ozone is progressively getting damaged and nature is, as a result, suffering at large. The waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment which is why you should include recycling in your mandatory and daily routine. The rubbish in landfill sites releases harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses, and recycling helps reduce the pollution caused by waste. If you’ve got children – teach them the importance of recycling.



Did you know that all chemicals we use to clean our homes, wash our bodies, cars, clothes, and everything else eventually get washed down the drain or absorbed in the grass, and end up in the water supply? Well, now you do. Given most of us use heavy-duty chemicals for all-things-around-the-house, those chemicals are doing great damage to waterways and aquatic life. Further, inhaling chemical substances by accident (i.e. while cleaning) can’t be healthy either and may even cause serious respiratory problems. In the future – try to opt for organic products that are just as powerful as your chemically processed options.


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