Give Dad An Akribos XXIV Watch This Father’s Day

How do you choose the perfect gift for the dad in your life? Do you randomly go into a store and just grab a generic gift or do you spend time making a gift, searching websites for the perfect gift or do you take advice from your best friend? This year, I found my husband a beautiful watch from Akribos XXIV on Amazon.

Father’s Day is already here. It seems like this year just started, but it’s the beginning of summer, time to grill out, enjoy the beautiful warm weather and celebrate our dads. Before you decide what to get the dad in your life, check out Akribos XXIV watches.

In the past few years, my husband has become a watch lover. When we first met, he only wore this old sports watch and that was it. Now that he’s a professional who wears a tie every day, he likes to wear different watches each day. I’m always looking out for new styles and unique faces to make his collection even better. When I saw these beautiful watches, I knew that he had to have one.

Akribos XXIV watches offer the wearer not only a great sense of style, they have a high-end look that makes you want to examine it closer. I was stunned when the watch arrived and it was not only beautiful, but it was also made well. This is not some pretty “looking” watch, it is heavy, made for showing off.

The Akribos XXIV comes in different colors including black, rose gold, silver or yellow gold. There is a stainless steel band and fold over clasp buckle. They are also water resistant up to 30 feet. Each watch has precision quartz movement. Three different displays tell the day of the week, the hour and they have dual time zones to keep the wearer up to date.

When you purchase this beauty from Amazon, it will come all ready to give to dad in an elegant package. Not only is it not just thrown in a plastic bag like so many other products, it’s actually packaged with the care that you’d be proud to hand to the man in your life. Each watch is packaged in a gift box, that includes a cushion for the watch to rest on. Whether you wrap the box or just hand it over, Dad will be proud to wear it on his wrist and tell everyone who gave it to him.

All Akribos XXIV watches have a money back guarantee. Also, as a special for Father’s Day, a special coupon code is being offered. 12% off with the code: 12Father.

For more information and to look at all the different styles of Akribos XXIV watches, visit them HERE.

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