Fun After-School Ideas for Kids

Fun Ideas for Kids

Do you homeschool or does your child go to a school that doesn’t offer extracurricular activities? There is plenty to do at home with your children so they won’t feel like they are missing out! Providing fun activities at home will occupy them and help keep your sanity as well.

Have plenty of age-appropriate board games available. Playing games will keep them entertained for long periods of time.

Make your own volcano. You can create a volcano out of baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring with 6 simple steps. My daughter loves making these. It is hard to keep baking soda in the house now.

Purchase a ball for playing outside. If the weather permits, an old-fashioned game of kickball is always fun while offering plenty of exercise.

Make Pizza from scratch. Pizza Kits are less than $2 at the grocery store. Kids love to create! Let them spread the dough out. Then, allow them to spread the sauce over it and add their favorite toppings with cheese. Cooking is always a fun activity!

Search Pinterest for inexpensive craft ideas. Try searching “Kid Craft Ideas” “Fun Kids Crafts” or “Easy Kid Crafts”. There are tons of fun craft ideas found on Pinterest.

Act out a Skit. Play Skits will allow you to find a fun play easily. Select play act length, duration, cast size, and more. Assign the characters and ACTION! If you prefer, you can always create your own video or home movie and teach them how to upload it to YouTube. Kids love to act!

Watch an educational movie. Find a good movie that teaches a lesson. You can rent oldies from the library such as Where the Red Fern Grows or The American Girl Movie Collection for free. Visit your local library to see what DVDs they offer.

Make your own ice cream. You can make ice cream in 5 minutes with items found in most refrigerators and pantries. It’s so easy, you may walk into the kitchen one day to find your children making ice cream all by themselves!

Have fun with your children.   Enjoy the time you have because it will pass too quickly!!

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