From All Of Us: 5 Christmas Gift Ideas That Will Make Grandma Squeal With Glee

Whether you see your grandma on a daily basis or you only see her on special occasions during the year, making her Christmas merry and bright will put a smile on her face. If you aren’t sure what to get the woman who had a hand in starting your family, then consider getting all of the grandchildren together to give her one large gift. With careful planning, your grandma will feel the love of the season all year long. 

Electronic Devices

Although you might have to show her how to use it, a mobile phone or tablet for your grandma is a gift that keeps on giving. Set up a few apps on the device so that she can video chat with you and, the other grandchildren, and other family members. Make sure she knows how to connect it to the internet or how to use the device as a phone when needed. A robotic vacuum may be a great way to help grandparents keep their home clean and minimize housework and bending over. 

Picture Books 

All of the pictures that you have of your children and those of other family members can be included in a large photo book. Decorate the book on the outside with one large picture of the entire family or a special quote or phrase that she likes. Each person could design a smaller photo book of family pictures with the last name on the cover or a picture of the family on the cover so that your grandmother knows who is in the book. There are many apps where you can directly upload pictures of your kids from your cellphone and make a book in minutes.

Bathroom Makeover 

As your grandma gets older, she might need a little assistance getting around the house, especially in the bathroom. A bathroom renovation is a gift idea from everyone that will be used each day and that can help prevent falls. Include things like a toilet riser and a walk-in shower so that she doesn’t have to lift her legs as much. You should also think about putting non-slip mats in the bathroom to walk on as well. 

Family Vacation 

Sometimes, life gets so busy that you forget to include the older members of your family in the fun adventures that you take. Set aside a week during the year when the entire family can get together for a fun vacation, including your grandma. Plan a few activities to do while on vacation that she will enjoy, such as a boat ride or a visit to an attraction that she has talked about in the past. The trip should be one filled with memories that she will have of her family for the rest of her life. 

Bill Payments 

As people get older, it’s often difficult to make ends meet, especially when social security might be the only source of income. Even though she might object for a short time, go in together as a family to pay a few of your grandma’s important bills each month, such as her electric bill or water bill. You could also get a few gift cards for grocery stores so that she doesn’t have to worry about getting food for at least a few months. Many grocery stores have a grocery pick up service where they could park and employees will come to your car and fill it up with groceries bought online.

When you begin thinking about Christmas gifts, the older members of your family might be difficult to shop for because they could already have everything they want. Think about what your grandma needs in her life that can bring joy each day. If you work as a family, then your grandma can have a wonderful Christmas with a big surprise.

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