Four Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer

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As the schools break up for summer, you might be left wondering how you can best entertain a house full of excited kids over the next few weeks. You might have to work throughout the summer vacation and as such, your kids might be left to entertain themselves for a large part of it. Furthermore, with travel continuing to be difficult due to COVID, you might have decided to avoid going away on vacation this year. With all that being said, how can you ensure that your kids have a fun and enjoyable summer vacation? To give you some ideas, here are four ways to keep kids busy this summer.

Set up a backyard water park

As the temperature rises, kids love to keep cool by playing in the water. If you are unable to take a trip to your local water park due to COVID restrictions, as an alternative you could set up your own water park in the backyard. If you are lucky enough to have an in-built swimming pool, fill this with floats in a variety of fun shapes, from donuts to unicorns, and add a small slide. Alternatively, you could set up an inflatable water slide and provide your kids with a selection of water pistols so that they can have a fun and cooling water fight. 

Crafting activities

Sometimes, your kids might just need to calm down for a bit and spend some time doing a relaxing and quiet activity. Crafting activities for engaging your kids in an absorbing and fun task that will stretch their imaginations and also have them learning new skills and exercising critical thinking. Browse good arts and crafts store to find a craft that catches your kids’ imaginations. For instance, they could learn the timeless crafts of crocheting and knitting, or create their own unique jewelry sets using a selection of pretty beads. 

Organize a sports tournament

With the 2021 Tokyo Olympics going ahead this summer, your kids are sure to get inspired by watching their sporting heroes compete. You could organize your own sports tournament in your backyard, perhaps inviting friends and neighbors over to participate. You could replicate Olympic races, such as a sprint and relay race, or have sillier competitions, such as a three-legged race or a fun obstacle course. Make sure that the emphasis is on fun rather than competition to ensure that everyone enjoys the day.  

Set your kids a reading challenge

Reading for pleasure is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend quiet leisure time; however, with schools emphasizing a set reading list, it’s all too easy for reluctant readers to be put off opening a book. Encourage your kids to develop a love of reading by setting them up a reading challenge this summer. It might be, for instance, to read the book before watching the film adaptation, such as the Harry Potter series or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. This approach makes learning fun.

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