To Forgive or Not to Forgive

Forgiveness isn’t always fair!  But, it is necessary.

You want to be forgiven, right?  I know I do. We all make mistakes. When you choose to hold on to the anger and not forgive, you are hurting yourself!  Did you know that choosing not to forgive leads to bitterness?  Bitterness is like a root.  Once grounded, it will sprout up and take over your mental and physical being.

Forgiveness means paying a price.  You may have to “loose” to forgive.  The person that wronged you will most likely be someone you have a relationship with or someone you love.  That can make it tough.  Just remember, God wants us to act, not react when someone hurts us.

Waiting for the person to get “paid back” is not the time to forgive.  Don’t wait for the person to pay in order to forgive.  True forgiveness is unconditional.  Yes, forgiveness can seem unfair, but it is better to pay the price of unfairness than to be tormented the rest of your life because of unforgiveness.

For further study and meditation on this topic, read Matthew 18:32 -35.  Special thanks to CBC for providing Family Study Devotions!


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