Floral Ideas to Decorate your Exterior Walls and Outdoors

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Your exterior walls require some special attention, just like your interior walls. Whether it is an apartment, a single-rented home, or any other space, a blank space in the exterior must be filled according to your interest. The outdoor vertical spaces in your home need a natural touch to revive their beauty. An artificial space also requires a natural touch to enhance its beauty, and what better than floral ideas? Here are some floral ideas and designs to decorate your exterior vertical spaces or outdoors.

Potted plants paired with vines

This can be the best combination if you search for something for the entryway. Try tulip bulbs for decoration purposes and garden shades along the sides to add beauty. This brings interest from several viewpoints. A combination can be climbing fig fixed with foxtail agave (potted). It brings in partial shades and covers the vertical surfaces with tender tendrils featuring small-sized leaves. 

Hanging a Vertical Garden 

It is easy to tuck small vertical garden frames into the exterior walls. It helps to fill a blank wall quickly and doesn’t diminish the work of art. One of these hangings can be mounted next to the back door. You can acquire some beautiful tulip bulbs for sale, make a trip and hang them across the walls. The exterior wall or the outdoors of the garden shed can be ornamented with other flowers as well. 

Metal Panels Decorated with Leafy Greens 

Metal panels are featured with mixed geometric patterns. These patterns can be created with foliage plants, bold garden structures, and leafy greens. The exteriors are grown along the side walls to adjust with the frames. There are many examples of metal screens aligned with plantings. Floral plantings decorate the overall design. 

Display Air Plants 

Air plants can be mounted appropriately with the wall on a metal trellis. It is a quick way to fill up the blank wall. These plants don’t need any soil to grow; all they need is a clean wall. The planting areas need to be bright with indirect light peeping in. Depending on the moisture and climate, you can remove these plants from the metal trellis every week. You can soak them in water after removing them from the frame. 

Planted Pattern in the Wall

Multiple patterns can be made from evergreen greens or vines. They look fancy and are not so difficult to achieve with frequent clippings. Start establishing your desired patterns; they can be geometric, diamond, or wires fastened with eye hooks to the fence. You can plant some flowers to grow along the lines of rewrapping, trellising, or cutting shoots sticking out from any structure. 

Add an Appealing Trellising

Trellising enhances your exterior decor to a great extent. It is an efficient investment – whether you choose a climbing plant or not. An additional trellising always adds an overall appeal to the exteriors. However, remember to select a trellis that matches your home ambiance and makes excellent exterior decor. Paint it to blend it with your trim. Try to plant flowering vines that remain evergreen throughout. 

Create a Living Wall

Custom living walls are always expensive to install. Vertical gardening and hanging gardens have become very popular today. This has resulted in more budget-friendly and user-friendly planting options. A living wall enhances the beauty of the complete exterior. Wall-mounted planting options or pocket planters can cost comparatively less. Also, installing these systems in a wall is easy as they don’t require extensive structuring or efficient water systems. 

Include a Beautiful Espalier

Turning a tree into an espalier and training adds an official touch to your garden space. It saves ample planting space from your courtyard and makes it spacious for other activities. Espalier can be an existing or new plant turned into one by you. The training becomes simple when your plant ages between three to five years and consists of finger-sized lateral branches. While training your tree, fix it against the wall, and add a trellising to it as a support to the entire structure. After this, you can select the primary lateral branches – in a symmetrical form or matched pair. Gently pull it down into horizontal, straight lines and fasten it to the trellising. After removing the lateral branches, cut the top section of the trunk. Here it meets the top, encouraging lateral growth. 

Photo by Rawpixel.com | Freepik

Wall Art with Flowering Plants

Wall art is not restricted to interior walls or rooms. The outdoors or exterior walls can also be decorated with floral wall art or flowering plants. The seating areas outdoors, backed by a clean fence, can be used for wall art. They are amazing spots for wall hangings, sculptures crafted for outdoor purposes, pieces of driftwood, or a designer metal panel—plants growing in these spaces surrounding the art piece draft into the wall art frame. Wall arts with floral decorations are the new trend. 

Mount Attractive Pots with Herbs

You can transform a blank wall into a garden space by mounting planters, grouped containers, terra-cotta pots, and other designed fillings of your choice. Smaller pots placed in direct sunlight with heat reflection dry out quickly. These effects can be counteracted by setting up an irrigation system. You can also be careful about hand-watering systems or drought-tolerant succulents. This wall can be an advantage to you to showcase your creativity and bring in multiple plant forms. Search for plants like multi-trunk trees or cactuses, as they have an exciting shape and excellent tolerance. You can take support from landscape designers as well. 

Bottom Line

Is your home’s exterior wall blank and needs some appealing decor to rejuvenate its appearance? Try some floral ideas or planting designs – espaliers, flowering vines, hanging gardens, natural flowers, etc. to transform your blank wall space into exquisite floral points. Nothing is more beautiful than adding a natural area to your homely space; try these ideas. Your blank wall is a means to knock on the doors of your creativity. Take the space and design it with appealing creativity. 


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