Fling the Teacher! Simile & Metaphor Game {extra practice}


Here is a fun game to teach your child the difference between a simile and metaphor. I used it for my 5th grader for extra practice yesterday and she played three times. 🙂

The student can create their own teacher with features.  (I just snipped a preview above)

Then, they have to answer all 15 questions correctly to build a catapult that will fling the teacher at the end. 😉  Fling the Teacher was a fun way to practice skills. (Update: the site has been closed. The game is no longer available)  They will want to keep going until they answer all questions correctly!

Recommended for 4th and 5th grade.


One thought on “Fling the Teacher! Simile & Metaphor Game {extra practice}

  1. I love this game, specially when teaching metaphors and similes and the kids love it too. However, recently I have been trying to open it or even find it and it has been difficult if not impossible. What has changed? Every time I try to open any of the links, it takes me to something completely unrelated or it will not open at all.

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