Five Monitoring Gears for Your Home Workouts

With the variants of chronic disease on the rise, it’s critical to keep your health check-in line. Although frequenting visits to your doctor may not be the optimum solution, there is an alternate way to tackle that problem. 

Like every piece of technology you own, fitness monitoring gear is an incredible tool to help you monitor your health while you’re on the move. These personal pieces of equipment are now more comfortable, accommodating your workouts and making them more effective to monitor heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, and calories burnt. 

These nifty devices also pack features like sending SOS alerts to your doctor or emergency contact if any of these metrics reach critical levels. Therefore, whether you jog out in the open or at the home treadmill, health and fitness monitoring gear is the intelligent solution for your fitness enthusiasts.

These devices can help you manage and view your calendar entries, text messages, and notification at the flick of the wrist. A tool like this can come in handy for Individuals suffering from chronic conditions or fatal diseases like mesothelioma. With over 2000 reported cases in the US, mesothelioma’s five-year survival rate stands 10%, making it a lethal disease. There’s more information online if you’re looking for resources and support regarding this fatal disease. 

Considering this, fitness enthusiasts may find it almost impossible to go in for regular lung screening tests. That’s where they can use this fitness tracker to keep tabs on their health metrics. 

If you’re a fitness enthusiast and wish to keep regular health checks, you should consider investing in one of these nifty wearables. Though sometimes these devices may show incorrect readings, the cumulative average technique may prove a possible solution. It’s worth noting that these devices act as good monitoring tools and can’t be substituted for medical equipment that measures heartbeat, oxygen levels, and other metrics.

Omron Heart Guide 

This device is the first-ever smartwatch to be approved by the FDA for monitoring a human’s blood pressure. Compared to other fitness trackers, the Ormon Heart Guide smartwatch may not appear a lot different from other similar products. However, this device houses an inflatable cuff that can be used to monitor your blood pressure pretty accurately.

The data recorded from the sensor can then be synced with a companies app, the HeartAdvisor, on your phone. Besides measuring your blood pressure, the fitness tracker measures calories, steps taken, water intake, sleep pattern, and activity level monitor. A full charge will last you around two to three weeks as far as battery life is concerned.

Unlike some new fitness trackers, this device is water-resistant up to 4.9 feet for 30 minutes maximum. Therefore, It should handle some rain or washing hands but may not have the endurance for underwater activities such as swimming or river rafting. 

Apple Watch Series 6

Thanks to its numerous fitness-related features like the long battery life, sleek design, the Apple Watch takes the cake for the best fitness monitoring gear on the market. Besides recording your daily activity trends and metrics, the device monitors your sleep cycles, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and even stress levels.

You’ll have to install a buddy app on your iPhone to utilize the Apple Watch to its full potential. The heavy price tag of the Apply Watch weighs heavy on the wallet, but it’s still one of the popular wearable gadgets for tech and fitness enthusiasts.

Garmin Vivosmart 4

A solid competitor of the Apple Watch, this workout tracker from Garmin includes features such as a sleep monitor, stress tracker, pule sensor, etc. However, the standout feature of this device is its included wrist-based pulse sensor, which can calculate your body’s blood saturation levels 24/7. While this device doesn’t have a build-in GPs tracker, you can connect it with your mobile to record all your at-home workouts.

This tracker is available in various color choices, and its battery can last you a whole week on a full charge.

Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness Tracker

With continuous heart rate monitoring, a built-in GPS, and more than twenty workout modes, the Fitbit Charge 4 is extremely popular amongst fitness freaks. In addition, compared with other similar products, this device comes with features such as the Activity Zone Minutes feature, which rewards you with incentives when you achieve your target heart rate.

You can track many fitness and health metrics, including stress levels, menstrual cycle, oxygen saturation levels, body temperature, heart rate, breathing rate, etc. The Fitbit Charge 4 should last you around seven days on a full battery.

YAMAY Fitness Tracker

If you’re searching for budget-friendly workout monitoring equipment, consider getting the YAMAY Fitness Tracker. It is practical, easy to use, and made of high-quality materials. This device allows you to monitor your sleep cycle, heart rate, distance traveled, calories burnt, and daily steps.

Furthermore, by connecting it with your smartphone, you’ll get push notifications of alerts, messages, calls. This fitness tracker also has a neat UI control for your music library. To get the complete experience of this device, you’ll need to download the VeryFitPro app. This fitness tracker will last you around seven to ten days with a full charge.


Workout monitors and trackers are convenient for recording your daily workout and activity and tracking your overall health. Consider factors like price, workout-specific options, available features, type, and size when looking for a workout tracker. 

If you feel we’ve not mentioned fitness trackers that stack up well against the featured list, feel free to add them in the comments section below

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